I remember when the Iraq resolution was put to congress back in ’03. As an Oregonian, I told myself that if our Democratic Senate rep, Ron Wyden, supported the action to go to war with Iraq, I would never vote for him again. Thankfully Wyden was one of the few senators that voted against the resolution.

Greenwald breaks down the real reason why immunity for telecoms passed. Because so many of our Democratic leaders are complicit when it comes to the atrocities of Bush, Cheney, and the road to war with Iraq and its aftermath. So many of our Senate leaders voted for the resolution, thinking that it was the politically smart thing to do, (or actually believed it was the right thing to do) and ever since then, the Bush administration has had congress and the entire country by the balls.

Plenty of Liberals supported the action to invade Iraq as well, only to swiftly do a 180 as the occupation turned horrific. How difficult was it to see that invading a country that was no threat to us, had not attacked us, and had no way of attacking us, was the wrong thing to do?

The Bush administration has used the fear of terrorism, and the fear of retaliation against critics, to impose its conservative will on the country. It’s worked for them. But the tragedy of Iraq is still unfolding, and more ominous news has appeared recently about Afghanistan. The truth behind the FISA vote should tell us a lot on what to expect from our leaders in the next election. I’m an Obama supporter. He’s said he has a plan to end the war in Iraq, redeploying soldiers within sixteen months of his administration. Sounds good. But O-Man, you don’t have to go to Iraq to prove your metal.

  • “Senator Obama is departing soon on a trip abroad that will include a fact-finding mission to Iraq and Afghanistan,” .

Hey O-Man. Just don’t let em catch you looking like this:

Or This:


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