Ain’t Gonna Happen

dday over at Hullabaloo

  • Send Karl Rove To JailI’m watching the premiere of Meet The Bloggers, a brand-new Web-only issues and answers chat show, at the main hall at Netroots Nation. Marcy Wheeler, Baratunde from Jack and Jill Politics and Liliana from Alternet are discussing the case of Karl Rove blowing off the House Judiciary Committee and politicizing the Justice Department. I saw Don Siegelman today, and we all know this story, but to hear Gov. Siegelman say it himself is absolutely stunning.

I’d like to see it too, but where have Democrats shown that they have the cojones to challenge the Bush administration in any way? Iraq Resolution? WMD? Abu Ghraib? Gitmo? Plame? If George Bush can get away with lying a country into war, then I imagine his former chief political adviser, current McCain adviser, current Fox News pundit, can get away with telling congress to go F itself. Especially when he knows the MSM will back him up.

Rove is calling their bluff and making them look like fools. Are Democrats really interested in opening the Plame affair again, or digging into the U.S. Attorney scandal on the run up to the presidential election? With gas prices at an all time high and inflation rising and the war in Afghanistan heating up, does the Democratic led congress want to go on a crusade to jail Rove? Let me jump out on a limb and say, no, they’re not willing to do it.


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