Success! Bush Wins GWOT!

The Bush administration has been dealing with the Axis of Evil lately. An agreement with North Korea over nuclear weapons. Contemplating the closing of Gitmo. The Iraq “Surge Success”. And talks with Iran.

Update: Now Bush is talking with Iraq about removing troops.

I’m assuming Bush would want to close Gitmo before the next president and Attorney General gets a chance to check out what really goes on there. Shut it down, relocate prisoners, and burn it to the ground if necessary, but don’t let anyone see what went down. Gitmo has been used specifically for terrorist like those in the Al Qaeda network. Wouldn’t closing Gitmo mean that Al Qaeda has been defeated?

The overall image Bush seems to be creating is that he’s won the GWOT. Expect the MSM on the run up to the election to try and marry Bush’s “success” with John McCain. I don’t think it’s going to make any difference, but you know they’re going to try the shit.


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