Very Nervous

Greg Oden could make or break the Blazers. From Ball Don’t Lie:

  • Skeets: But we can expect to see you opening night, right?
  • Oden: Oh, definitely. I hope so. If everything turns out the way I want it to.

I remember when I read that Oden was out for the season. I couldn’t believe it. Shades of Bowie flashed through my head. I mean, Bowie’s legs would break from merely jumping up and down. They say Oden walks like he’s an old man. The Dude is only 20. If basketball doesn’t work out for him he can always become a comedian.

  • Skeets: ..if you could take any two animals — any two at all — and breed them together to create some “super animal,” which two animals would you pick?
  • Oden: Monkey and bird. I want a flying monkey.
  • Skeets: (laughs) That was quick.
  • Oden: When you said “animal,” a monkey just popped into my head, and I was like, man, who doesn’t want to fly?

The kid is funny.


One Response to Very Nervous

  1. Julien says:

    lol amazing pic you got here!

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