GOP Running Scared?

Field Negro is one of my favorite blogs. But I got to disagree with him on his latest post.

I was listening to Howard Fineman on “The Chris Matthews” show this morning, and he said something that almost caused me to fall off my sofa. I don’t know why I didn’t think about it before. But In essence (and I am paraphrasing here) he said that :

after two terms in the White House, with a shady run up to the war, and who knows what kind of secrets with the oil companies, the last thing republicans will want in the White House is a democratic administration with subpoena powers

I agree. I mean can you imagine all the skeletons in those vast closets? The repubs desperately need another republican administration after the frat boy leaves, and the prospect of an Obama presidency has to be absolutely terrifying to them.

I don’t believe Obama has any interest in pursuing republican corruption in the run up to the Iraq war and it’s aftermath. BUT if I were an Obama president, I definitely would send some not so failed threats about reopening the Plame case to keep a few operatives, reporters in check, make sure they don’t fall too far in step with Murdoch’s people. Ultimately the democrats are too deeply embedded with Bush’s rush to war to make too much of a stink. The last vote on FISA proved it. And subpoena power? Ask Karl Rove how scared he is of subpoena power.


One Response to GOP Running Scared?

  1. goodtimepolitics says:

    Obama can not run now that he has backed himself into a corner, man is he in trouble! Toe to toe I say! He will get whipped! 🙂

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