Why do You Have To Bring Up Old Stuff?

I’ve always been fascinated by this little reported quote from the judge who put Judy Miller behind bars for contempt.

“Miller wasn’t an innocent bystander, Hogan said. ‘She was an actor in the commission of a crime,’ he said. ‘She was part of the transfer of information that was a crime.’

Judge Who Jailed Judy Miller Says He Made Right Call
By E&P Staff
Publication: Editor & Publisher
Date: Saturday, April 29 2006

What exactly was Judy Miller’s role in the outing of Valerie Plame? The investigation into the leak bottlenecked with Judy Miller. Presumably, Robert Novak sung to investigators with no problem. Matt Cooper resisted for as long as he could, joining Judy at the hip at one point before cutting loose and avoiding jail. But Miller wouldn’t rat talk to Fitzgerald.

At the time of her Incarceration, many were confused about Fitzgerald’s persistence in getting Miller to testify. After all, Miller didn’t write a story on Plame, Novak and Cooper did. Some speculated that she was a source herself and provided information about Plame to the White House.

Speculation is mounting that Miller is protecting herselfÑüthat Miller was herself a source of information about Plame that made it to several Bush administration officials and was then recycled to columnist Robert Novak.

This would help explain why Miller didn’t write a story about the case.

Why Judith Miller Should Stay In Jail
By Cliff Kincaid | July 11, 2005

The idea that intelligence was being fixed goes to the heart of Miller’s credibility. So she calls her friends in the intelligence community and asks, Who is this guy? She finds out he’s married to a CIA agent. She then passes on the info about Mrs. Wilson to Scooter Libby (Newsday has identified a meeting Miller had on July 8 in Washington with an “unnamed government official”). Maybe Miller tells Rove too — or Libby does. The White House hatchet men turn around and tell Novak and Cooper. The story gets out.

…This also explains why Miller never wrote a story about Plame, because her goal wasn’t to write a story, but to get out the story that cast doubts on Wilson’s motives.

Arianna Huffington|
Judy Miller: Do We Want To Know Everything
or Don’t We?
Posted July 27, 2005 | 08:17 PM (EST)

In both these scenarios, it’s Miller who provides the White House with information about Plame, not the other way around. This would seem to support Libby’s initial claim, that he heard about Plame from reporters. But if this were the case, then wouldn’t Libby have used his meetings with Miller as proof of that theory? Wouldn’t he have said: Judy Miller, the Times reporter, told me. But he didn’t do that. Instead he said: Tim Russert told me. Both Miller and Libby wanted to keep their meetings a secret, even though Miller never wrote a story. She met three times with Libby about Plame before the Novak column came out, once on the 8th of July, 2003 the same day Novak spoke with Karl Rove.

If Miller didn’t give Plame’s name to Libby, then where does Holden’s statement about Miller come into play?

“Miller wasn’t an innocent bystander, Hogan said. ‘She was an actor in the commission of a crime,’ he said. ‘She was part of the transfer of information that was a crime.’

According to Holden, Miller transferred information about Plame.. If not to the White House, as Huffington and others suspect, then to who? Miller admitted to Fitzgerald that she could have told others about Plame.

Mr. Fitzgerald asked if I could recall discussing the Wilson-Plame connection with other sources. I said I had, though I could not recall any by name or when those conversations occurred.

I told Mr. Fitzgerald I believed that before this call, I might have called others about Mr. Wilson’s wife.

My Four Hours Testifying in the Federal Grand Jury Room
Published: October 16, 2005

Miller has never said who those sources were. Could they have been other reporters? A little known article by Radar Online, speculated on what Judy did with the information she got from Scooter Libby. I can’t find the original post by Radar, but other blogs reported on the Radar article.


Was Judy Miller’s role to provide the name of Plame to other reporters? The two reporters who used Plame’s name in an article, Novak and Cooper, claimed to have gotten Plames name off the Internet and from a directory.

As for Wilson’s wife, I told the grand jury I was certain that Rove never used her name and that, indeed, I did not learn her name until the following week, when I either saw it in Robert Novak’s column or Googled her, I can’t recall which.

“What I Told the Grand Jury”
Sunday, Jul. 17, 2005 By MATTHEW COOPER


Following my interview with the primary source, I sought out the second administration official and the CIA spokesman for confirmation. I learned Valerie Plame’s name from Joe Wilson’s entry in “Who’s Who in America.”

Robert Novak
My Role in the Valerie Plame Leak Story


Novak would be challenged on his account of how he learned Plame’s name on “Crossfire”. Before being asked about his claim, he stormed off the set, and was subsequently fired from the show.

Robert D. Novak, the syndicated columnist whose unmasking of a C.I.A. operative touched off an investigation about a possible leak, stalked off a live appearance on CNN yesterday afternoon…

…The moderator of the program, Ed Henry, later said on the air that he had warned Mr. Novak that he planned to ask him “about the C.I.A. leak case.”

Novak Walks Off Live CNN Program
Published: August 5, 2005


Judy Miller also claimed that she couldn’t remember how she learned the name “Valerie Plame”.

J You have a reference to Valerie Flame (he spells out the name)

M It’d be helpful to see that note

J That’s not her maiden name, her name is Plame. ANd she goes by Valerie Wilson.

M I don’t know that.

J Where’d that come from?

M I dont remember,

J Not Libby

M I don’t know, I don’t think so.

J You have another entry. You do not believe that that came from Libby.

M I don’t believe it did.

J Another reference to VF. Or Valery.

M I believe so, If you want me to say exactly where or when I’d have to see my notes.

J Do you know where any of those came from. You don’t believe they came from Libby.

M I don’t.

J Can you remember anyone else you talked to, about Wilson’s wife.

M I’ve searched my memory I can’t remember specific discussions about her.

Libby Live: Judy Four
By: emptywheel Wednesday January 31, 2007 6:30 am


Novak’s several contradicting stories of how he learned Plame’s name are suspect. Cooper and Miller claiming they “can’t recall” how they learned her name isn’t credible, especially coming from Miller who’s been a reporter since the stone-age.

Grumpy Guy thinks that Judy Miller, once she got the dope on Plame from Libby, gave it to other reporters, possibly Novak, Cooper and Mitchell, and they in turn called the White House for confirmation. Simple. As long as no one found out about Miller and Libby’s meetings, no one could tie the leak to the White House.

Miller was more a part of Cheney’s cabal than a reporter for the TIMES. She and Libby worked together in a coordinated effort to destroy Valerie Plame’s career and send a message to any others like Joe Wilson. It was Miller who wrote the now debunked articles on Iraq’s WMD for the NY TIMES. Joe Wilson wasn’t only questioning Dick Cheney’s credibility, he was questioning Judy Miller’s as well.


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