John McCain: Playing Dumb

Recently Fox news misspelled the word “Education” on a story about… Education.

This was probably an honest mistake by producers at Fox News. But these weren’t.

Fox was also mocked using a graphic of Abe Lincoln and Frederick Douglas instead of Stephen Douglas in referencing the “Lincoln/Douglas Debates”.

But if one takes into account Fox’s disingenuous use of graphics in labeling certain political types, then one can suspect that it wasn’t an accident. With that image, Fox was mocking Obama and Hillary and the Democratic primary. The message to their viewers was not the topic of the report, but the image itself, the image of a white person taking on a black person. Who’s side are you on?

John McCain, the GOP republican nominee has been taking a beating lately over his gaffes on foreign policy. Frankly I don’t believe that McCain is that stupid. I remember after 911 happened, and he was asked when and how the U.S. should hit back, McCain answered: “Hit back at who?” (paraphrasing of course). It was a common sense answer. We didn’t know who had attacked us at the time. But now McCain as the heir of GW doesn’t want to come off as smart. Being smart, being a thinking man, means you’re an intellectual, an elitist, not one of the “real people”. Now he wears the badge of stupidity with pride.

I’ve always felt that McCain’s “gaffes” were not necessarily gaffes, but part of a new persona that he was emulating to try and connect with the NASCAR crowd. Do those voters care what the difference is between a Sunni and a Shiite? Do they care where the borders are between Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Pakistan? I doubt it. Only the “bias leftist media” and the “elitist” give a shit about those things.

Conservatives have a thing about communicating to their base with their “body language”. Here’s Bush at the funeral services for Coretta Scott King when Rev. Joseph Lowery was criticizing him.

Bush at the U.N.

Here’s McCain frolicking with the enemy.

The slouched chair smirking dumbass, is a image of disrespect and contempt for the place and people that are around them. It’s by design. McCain has picked this up from Bush. Like Bush, McCain now thinks with his gut, not with his head, and he holds in contempt the “educated elitist” who think they know more than “real people” do

This persona beat McCain in the 2000 republican primary and barely beat Gore in the general election. Unfortunatly it continued to work for Bush in 2004. And now McCain wants to be the next “I don’t give a shit” president of the United States.

Not too long ago on the “O’Reilly Factor”, O’Reilly asked Karl Rove what strategy he would use against Obama. Rove’s answer was too brainy for O’Reilly.

That question is way too smart for me. I have stupid questions, but they’re fun. You’re going to watch, right

O’Reilly’s response to Rove is basically Fox News Channels real motto. “We have stupid questions, but they’re fun.” The recent mistake by Fox news, misspelling the word “education”, may have not been a mistake at all. They cater to a crowed who mocks and has contempt for education, public education in particular, the kind of education that uses their tax dollars to teach evolution and brainy stuff like that.


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