The Shockey Trade

As Portland Oregon doesn’t have an NFL team I have to live vicariously through others, or simply root for one team to win because I don’t like the team they’re playing. Case in point, the Giants and Patriots. Can’t stand the Patriots in the same way I can’t stand the Lakers. Arrogance. Some might call it swagger. Whatever it is, it bugs the shit out of me. The Super Bowl win by the Giants over the Patriots reminded me of the 2004 NBA finals when the Pistons destroyed the Lakers in five. That shit was fun to watch.

So the Giants traded Jeremy Shockey, to no ones surprise, but there are several fans who say they will miss him and several analyst who insist that the Giants are better with Shockey than without, referencing plenty of numbers to back up their claim. A few things are certain: the Giants played better after Shockey went down. Eli Manning played better, loose and with freedom, after Shockey went down. And the Giants won a Super Bowl with Shockey sitting in a luxury box, nursing yet another season ending injury.

Shockey’s ego undermined the full potential of Manning’s abilities and the success of the whole team. And the whole time the Giants couldn’t get over the hump, it was Shockey and Tiki Barber claiming that Manning was the problem. Of course with both of those guys out of the situation, Manning flourishes and the Giants win the big one.

It will be really interesting to see what happens in New Orleans with Shockey. A tight ends main job is to block and Shockey simply has a problem with that fact. He wants the ball in his hands, because when its not, nobody knows who the hell he is. No highlights, no Playboy Bunnies. The analyst are saying the trade is great for New Orleans and Shockey because Drew Brees is a better quarterback than Manning and they’ll make a great offensive combo. Whatever. A tiger can’t change his stripes.


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