Baby, I’m Sorry. Please. Take Me Back.

Brett Favre is like that Ex that broke up with you and all of the sudden wants back into your life. You’ve already moved on, but all your friends and your family love the Ex. They tell you it would be a great idea to get back together, even though you’re emotionally and psychologically spent on the relationship. There’s no way it would work. You know this. But the pressure. The pressure!

Gene Wojciechowski of says the Packers organization is really screwing this whole thing up.

Thompson doesn’t want Favre within a Sturgeon Bay of the Packers’ training camp. He never did. All that talk of Favre’s returning in “some role” was clumsy Thompson propaganda

Thompson isn’t interested in putting the best product on the field. If he were, he’d let Aaron Rodgers, his handpicked successor to Favre, compete for the starting position.

Putting the best product on the field doesn’t automatically mean that’s the best thing for the team or the organization. Favre and the Packers had a great season last year. (except for that horrible interception by Favre that cost them a chance at going to the Super Bowl.) But the Packers were ready and preparing to move on without Favre. It was a new day, not only for Aaron Rodgers, but for the players, the coaches, the owners and the fans. I’m sure the ownership is leery of letting Favre go and having him end up on a rival team that fucks their shit up. But how likely is that to happen? The Packers have been building around Favre’s game for years. How easy would it be for Favre, and whatever team he ended up on, even the Vikings, for them to gel and compete at the same level that Favre competed on with the Packers last year? Very unlikely.

I ain’t a Packers fan, and of course only Ted Thompson the Packers GM knows what pressure faces him. But I say… let the MF go and play wherever the hell he wants to. He’s a lame duck as trade-bate, so let him go. My guess is that he won’t be that productive on any other team than the one he’s been playing with for the past seventeen years anyway.

Of course if you job is on the line that’s not an easy decision to make.


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