Democrats and Revenge

Republicans are better at the revenge thing than Democrats. The Clinton lynching over a blowjob was really revenge for what happened to Richard Nixon. Republicans during the ’90’s had been beaten twice by a better politician, a talented politician, that could very well get another democrat elected president if something wasn’t done. It didn’t matter that Clinton’s sexual exploits did nothing to harm the country or put it in any danger what so ever. Clinton’s behavior gave the GOP an opportunity to attack, humiliate and undermine its enemies, “liberals”, and create a narrative of immoral democrat leadership. This narrative has stuck to democrats like shit on a shoe ever since. You can wipe it off, but there’s always that stink it leaves behind.

Obama is running a campaign that is trying to discard the “Lewinsky” stink, (that sounds lewd), AKA the “liberal” stink, and apparently has no interest in GWB’s crimes or accountability. This is incredibly frustrating to progressives.

With GWB committing real crimes that have done irreparable damage to this country and others, progressives have been calling for heads to roll and have gotten very little response. There have been resignations, media scandal and trials, but no one in the Bush cabal has really been punished for any of the illegal actions they’ve committed. If the roles were reversed, if this Bush administration were a democrat one, and it had committed the same crimes, the GOP would be all over it. They wouldn’t think twice about putting the likes of Monica Goodling, Alberto Gonzales, Harriet Miers or Karl Rove in jail for contempt, if for nothing more than revenge. But they wouldn’t have had to, because the president would have already been impeached for either lying the country into war, or outing a CIA agent. Damn what it might to do the image of the GOP. There’re principles at stake.

Democrats seem to be moonwalking into power, simply letting the GOP do what they do best, which is to destroy government infrastructure by way of “reform”, and pull the country into recession, and then simply say: Hey, at least we’re not republicans!

Win or lose, the GOP is good at picking fights, they’re good at plotting, scheming and revenge. It would be nice to see democrats pick a fight once in a while, and win or lose, show their base that they have some backbone, that they believe in progressive principles, and that they believe those principles are worth fighting for.


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