Obama’s Veep

Trapper John over at Daily Kos lists what he thinks are the Obama Veep considerations. He discounts Tim Kaine, who’s been making a splash recently.

I think he’s unlikely to pick Tim Kaine, whose lieutenant governor is an arch-conservative Republican.

Tim Kaine’s a great guy and everything, but does any marginal improvement that he adds to Obama’s campaign offset the damage of coronating a Republican governor in Richmond?

He discounts Jack Reed because:

Chris Dodd, Jack Reed, and Evan Bayh all hail from states with GOP executives. If one of them becomes VP, we lose a Senate seat.

So that leaves you with Kathleen Sebelius and Sam Nunn from the pack that regularly get mentioned. Of those two, I’d say Sebelius has a way better shot (in fact, I doubt that Nunn is really under consideration), and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Obama picks her.

In fact, I’d say that she’s probably the frontrunner.

Obama/Sebelius? C’mon. I doubt anyone knows how to pronounce her name. We’re living in a 24 hour image conscious world. No way Obama has Sebelius on the ticket. Shallow? Yes. But that’s the ugly truth.

Trapper John predicts Tom Daschle as VP:

He can’t hurt Obama, he’s got no presidential ambitions of his own, and he’s guaranteed to be loyal.

Grumpy Guy disagrees. I bet the Obama campaign believes Daschle could hurt Obama the same way they believe Hillary, or any recognizable democrat from the “Lewinsky era” could hurt him. Obama is not only running against republicans, but he’s also running against the old democratic guard, or at least its perceived image. There will be no Hillary, Biden, Dodd, or Daschle’s on Obama’s ticket. Too old school.

Grumpy Guy predicts either:



Although Reed’s been around since the Clinton presidency, he isn’t as recognizable as some other Clinton era Democrats. He’s said he isn’t interested in the VP job. Yeah Right. On the other hand, Kaine says he is interested, which according to Swopa, is a big mistake.

If Obama really is concerned about losing a Senate seat to the GOP by picking Reed, then it’s going to be Kaine.


Looks good, sounds good. Progressives won’t like it, but I doubt Obama gives a rat’s ass.


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