Palin: How Do You Pronounce That?

August 29, 2008

I’ve caught a couple of pundits asking how to pronounce Palin’s name — first Joe Scarborough, and then Rush Limbaugh.

Nobody knows who Sarah Palin is. This her biggest weakness, not the fact that she doesn’t have any experience. If experience were key to a candidate becoming president, (or vice president) then we would not have had eight years of Bill Clinton, who beat a guy who was in WWII, headed the CIA and was vice president and president of the United states. Bush Sr. had loads of experience. Experience up the ass, and it still didn’t matter. Nor would we had gotten eight years of George (AWOL) Jr., who’s idea of leading is delegating everything to Dick Cheney someone else and have them lead.

Obama’S had a few years to build his name up. If a voter isn’t sure about Obama’s policies, he certainly knows the name Obama. Barack Obama and Joe Biden are names voters are familiar with. Voters know McCain, but they don’t know Palin, and they only have a few months to build her name up so the McCain/Palin tandum will mean something to voters. The GOP certainly isn’t going with name recognition with this one, which I’m sure McCain was hoping Lieberman would help him with. It’s going to have to be an all out blitz of Sarah Palin on the talk shows. We’ll see Sarah on “The View” and “Today” and “The Tonight Show” and everyone will be nice to her and blah, blah, blah.

But will Oprah have her on?


Palin: That 28% Up For Grabs

August 29, 2008

This is a play for the women’s vote, in particular, women that supported Hillary and are still up for grabs. It’s pretty shrewd. On the one hand it undermines McCain’s message about experience, but at the same time, how can Obama say that Palin is too young and inexperienced when he himself is the same age as her and hasn’t been in office that long. I imagine both campaigns won’t make experience an issue.

It’s Palin
By: Jane Hamsher

With the last Rasmussen poll showing that 28% of her [Hillary] voters still won’t vote for Obama, there’s certainly a lot of opportunity there.

I have to say that as a woman, there is something intuitively appealing about her selection, even though I politically disagree with everything she believes in and would never in a million years vote for her.

I’m still not quite sure why Obama didn’t try and lock that vote down by overlooking the personal animosity he and Clinton shared and picking her as his running mate, but he didn’t.

Obama has gotten all he’s going to get out of the Clinton’s from the convention, so it’s up to him to find a way to get their vote. Will that huge block of voters, 28% of Hillary supporters on the fence, turn to McCain/Palin? If Jane Hamsher finds the choice appealing, then so do a lot of other women voters.

This is going to be interesting.

Novakula Returns

August 28, 2008

On July 23 of this year, Novak hit a pedestrian with his car and tried to drive away. A bicyclist followed Novak and made him pull over until the police came. That’s known as a hit and run. Very bad. But police officers gave Novak a wag of their finger, and sent him on his way.

Then on July 29 Novak reported that he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and would be retiring from political commentary. There have been no reports about the status of the tumor since. BUT… Novakula is back.

Robert Novak, who announced his retirement earlier this month after being diagnosed with a brain tumor, will still write occasional columns.

If Bob hadn’t gotten a brain tumor, he would still be getting shit for the hit and run. But he did get a brain tumor. Right? Now critics are reluctant to call him on his bullshit, because that would be mean, after all, the man has a brain tumor. You know what else is mean? Conspiring with the Bush administration to out a CIA operative, jeopardizing her family, colleagues, contacts and our national security, simply because her husband called GW out on his bullshit. Now that’s mean.

Rise Of The Obots!!!

August 27, 2008

There are a lot of lefties who really can’t bring themselves to get on the Obama bandwagon. Bloggers at Talk Left, Corrente and Left Coaster have been pretty outspoken. And then there’s this guy, who seems like he’s on the verge of a major breakdown, like the kind that could turn a MoFo into a super villain, running around blasting people with lasers and whatnot. This guy really hates “Obots”. Trying to put a face to the rant, I could only think of one guy, Angus Scrimm from the “Phantasm” series.

Somebody get this guy a laser beam so he can start blasting Obots.

Kevin Duckworth R.I.P. (April 1, 1964 – August 25, 2008)

August 26, 2008

Blazer fans loved Kevin Duckworth. We cheered him on because when he put his mind to it, he was a damn good ball player. But Kevin really wasn’t a basketball player as much as he was a fisherman. Duckworth liked to fish. That’s what he was into. It just happened that he was 6-11 and 250. So everyone expected him to play, especially because he had some ability. But he would frustrate fans with his weight problems, and his inconsistent play. I think he had one season when he stayed in shape and averaged 18 points a game. But I think it was always fishing, not basketball, that was on Duckworth’s mind. So, I’m a give a shout out to Duckworth for giving it a good go, for giving Blazer fans some good memories, and sacrificing all the days he could have had on a peaceful lake fishing, banging on the court, trying to win a championship.

Thanks Duck

Democratic National Convention… BORING!

August 26, 2008

How Hard Is It To Run A Convention? I guess it’s pretty hard. I caught some of Ted and Michelle, they looked good. I tried to catch some of the rest, but it was difficult. Something was really off about the energy of the place. Maybe it was the building itself. Maybe the damn thing was too big. The first night of the Dem National Convention was BORING. There I said. If I’m the organizer of the GOP convention, I’m taking notes of what not to do. And it’s easy to fix. Get some music in there. Fill up all that dead space with people rocking out, or jamming or riffing. How about a comedian? Anything that makes the convention come off as though something is happening. A lot of bloggers are complaining that there was no message. Is that really the problem? You can have message, but if people are bored, they’re not going to hang around to hear the message. I would say the main problem with the convention so far is that it’s boring. Bottom line: whoever organized/arranged the first night really blew it. Correct, there was no message. They didn’t go after Bush. They didn’t go after McCain. They didn’t communicate what they were about. But worse… IT WAS BORING.

Obama and “The Hillary Problem”

August 25, 2008

AmericaBlog and their friend Rob talk polls and the “Hillary problem”.

Rob is on the beach somewhere, just emailed me his take on the new poll showing 27% of Hillary supporters saying they’ll vote for McCain.

At some point, if you don’t reach out to people sufficiently, and in an ongoing manner, you run the risk of them turning on you. Doesn’t mean that’s what’s happening here, but it could be.

I suspect that Obama’s people are banking on the hope that as it becomes obvious that there are bigger issues, particularly the Supreme Court, those voters will come home and vote for the Democratic ticket.

Or does Obama expect to win without Hillary voters? There sure were a hell of a lot of them after the primary. If Obama loses, then he’ll have to concede that he lost because he did not court Hillary voters enough. If he wins, then it will probably be in spite of these voters, and as a result of his so called “ground game”. This convention is Obama’s shot at convincing Clintonites that he’s the best choice, that this country can’t afford another four years of George W. Bush.

27%? Ouch! That’s gotta hurt.