The Age of Obama?

There is a ton of animosity towards Obama from Clinton supporters. Here’s psychodrew, from Taylor Marsh’s site:

Obama is all about big speeches in front of large, adoring crowds that will go away after November 4th. His “youth voters” and “Obamacans” aren’t the committed Democrats that many of us are. For the most part, the college students don’t understand the hard work that changing this country is going to require. And the Obamacans will wipe their hands of the Democrats after the cathartic relief of punishing GOP leaders. The day after the election, these “Democrats for a Day” go back to their own lives and we step in. We start running for local offices. We take over key positions. The Clinton Democrats re-take the party from the bottom.

Are they serious? “Clinton Democrats” are as deluded as ever. Obama has engaged a new generation of voters. He’s accumulated a voting base of black, white, young and old. But according to psychodrew these voters have spines of jelly, and “real Democrats” won’t be able to count on them in the future. Apparently they’ll vote for him with their nose pinched or vote for McCain.

A lot of these Clinton supporters are crying “racism”, arguing that Obama played the race card with Hillary and now is doing it with McCain. And why is he doing that exactly? Because according to these geniuses, playing the race card gets Obama votes. That’s right. Obama’s strategy is to alienate the biggest voting block in America by calling them racists. Fucking Brilliant. But wait, there’s more!

For the most part, the college students don’t understand the hard work that changing this country is going to require.

Is there also animosity towards Obama, not merely because he allegedly plays the “race card”, but also because he’s a young man? Is psychodrew conceding that “college students” voted for Obama because he’s young, just like most have conceded that black voters voted for Obama because he’s black? What psychodrew is doing now, is exactly what Hillary Clinton did during the primary — not only underestimating Obama’s talent as a politician, but underestimating the post 9/11 voter, the voter that came of age after the towers fell and have grown up during the last legs of George Bush’s horrible reign. What these voters see is corruption and war from their political leaders. Obama represents the future. Their future. They are looking past the Hillary Clinton’s and the John McCain’s who have nothing to offer them but old time politics.

Old with a capital O.


One Response to The Age of Obama?

  1. Psychodrew says:

    You completely misrepresented my post. I’m not going to waste my time explaining that because you don’t seem to have any traffic here, anyway.

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