Could Edwards Affair Bring Obama and Clinton Together?

Whether one believes the Edwards private life has anything to do with our lives or not, the MSM believes it does, just ask Bill Clinton. Let’s face it, even though Edwards is not in the race anymore, nor in office, the GOP is going to use this to their full advantage and try to smear all democrats across the board.

David Gregory on Edwards: “Is this another skeleton in the Democratic closet that Barack Obama must struggle to overcome?

Even though it’s Republicans that have shown themselves to be complete hypocrites when it comes extramarital activity (I’m talking to you Senator Craig)  the MSM is still willing to drive the old narrative that’s it’s Democrats that are the party of sexually deviant and immoral behavior.

Here’s a strange Grumpy Guy theory that may play out. Right now there are still a bunch of Clintonites with a ton of animosity towards Barack Obama. They feel he played the race card against Hillary to win the nomination. Question: If the GOP and MSM begin to smear all Democrats because of what John Edwards did, opening old wounds of the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal, will Clintonites join forces with Obamaicans to fight back? In other words, will those Clintonites who are sitting on the fence on Obama and McCain, when they see McCain try to use the Edwards affair to smear, will they fall over to the Obama side? Could the Edwards scandal bring Democrats together?

I think a good way to gauge this is to watch what happens on the posts and comments at Talk Left, The Left Coaster, and Corrent Wire.


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