Cold War II?

People are freaking out about the Russia and Georgia conflict and how it will affect the presidential election. Booman shares his thoughts on it, and it’s not good for lefties

While the Left seems paralyzed with debate over who started this fight or how worthy Georgia is as a democracy and an ally, the rest of the foreign policy Establishment could not be less interested. For example, here is Asmus and Holbrooke’s treatment of the culpability issue:

Does the average U.s. voter give a shit what the current president or potential president does concerning Georgia? With all the bullshit the average American has had to listen to and deal with for the past six years it’s been at war, do they really give a rat’s ass about Russia and Georgia? I’m not saying they shouldn’t, but what is the reality? The reality is that the U.S. can’t do shit. One: The U.S. has set the precedent with Iraq when it comes to preemptive war and regime change. Who are we to shake our finger at Russia for warring with Georgia? Two: even if we wanted to, we couldn’t do shit about it, we’re stretched too thin now in Iraq and Afghanistan, which of course the Russians know. Yeah. Bush has everyone shaking in their boots at the big bad U.S. of A.

Is the average U.S. voter concerned with Russian and Georgia’s problems, or with gas prices and inflation and their loved ones coming home safe from Iraq? Politician’s who want to talk about getting the U.S. involved in another war front is going to wear a mother-fucker out. Nobody wants to hear that shit.

Maybe McCain talking tough on Russia will help him. Maybe Obama remaining neutral will hurt him. Then again, maybe it won’t matter, because the average U.S. voter doesn’t give a fuck.

I hope you know your history because the United States will go to war to maintain its prestige and its credibility as an ally.

Sure it will, when it actually has the means to go to war. But things are a little rough right now on the U.S. war front in case anyone has been paying attention. Let’s say the Russians are probably willing to call the U.S. on any bluff it might try when it comes to talking tough about waging war.

So, the U.S. is not going to back down willingly. If it backs down it will be for the same reason that the USSR ultimately backed down during the Cuban Missile Crisis. If we back down it will be because this is ultimately in the Russian sphere of influence and we have no better options given the risk of nuclear conflict.

Not if we back down… but when. Booman clearly knows his history when it comes to U.S. policy and Georgia, but again, I doubt the U.S. voter will go that deep with it.


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