The New War President?

I’m sure Americans give McCain a hell of a lot more props over Obama when it comes to the military and foreign affairs. Here’s the question: Do Americans give a shit? America is already at war with Iraq and Afghanistan. I don’t give a shit how the WH or MSM label the situations, if there are U.S. troops in a country where they are firing their weapons, and the people of that country are firing back, then that’s what you call a mother-fucking war. The U.S. has two fronts going on now and it’s wearing us out. Plenty of pro war folks have been putting a happy face on with “the surge” and other nonsense. But a lot of Americans have been touched by tragedy, either by blood or association, by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The American people have spoken with their votes during the recent elections. They are done with war.

So here comes the “New War President” talking tough about Russia’s aggression on Georgia. I say: let McCain play that role if he wants it, because I don’t think the average U.S. voter is interested in hearing about another potential war, or in a president that might send Americans to die in another country. You want to talk about building up our nuclear arsenal… go the fuck ahead. You want to talk about reestablishing the “Star Wars System”… go the fuck ahead. You want to talk about how you were a prisoner of war for six years… go the fuck ahead. Americans are sick of war. Not only do they not want to fight one, they don’t even want to hear a mother-fucker THINK about it, let alone talk shit about it. So, go ahead McCain. Be “The New War President”. I’m sure it will do you a shit load of good.


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