Tired Old Politics

Jane Hamsher at firedoglake spoke with Jim Pinkerton about McCain and Obama. Watching Hamsher’s face is priceless (a polite WTF expression) as Pinkerton breaks down the history of Western Civilization to her.

I completely disagree with Pinkerton’s take on McCain being able to use the Russia/Georgia conflict to his political advantage. I think Americans are tired of war, and aren’t interested in getting involved in another one.

Jim Pinkerton and I talked about McCain’s grumbling bellicosity on Bloggingheads. We also spoke about Jim’s belief that Obama will lose the election because white America wants someone to pay the price for affirmative action. I must confess that I was so taken aback I was borderline speechless.

Ah yes. The “white resentment” factor.

All my life I’ve been hearing complaints from white folks about how tired they are of being made to feel guilty about slavery. This is the thing: in America, there has never been a time when “white resentment” towards people of color hasn’t existed for one reason or another, in one form or another.

Are we to believe that if “affirmative action” never existed, that “white resentment” towards people of color wouldn’t exist? That there would be no incentive for white folks to vote against Obama because of the color of his skin?

What’s telling about Pinkerton’s take on today’s politics, are the old right wing terms he throws around like: “silent majority”, “school bussing”, blah, blah, blah. It’s some tired old shit. He’s doesn’t take into account what the Iraq war has done to Americans, or what the economy has done to Americans. Will the color of Obama’s skin be a bigger factor than the pain of a voter’s pocket book? Plus, Obama has tapped into a new generation of voters

Is Obama the End of Black Politics?
Published: August 6, 2008

Artur Davis, an Alabama representative and one of the most talked-about young talents on Capitol Hill…

“Race was a factor in the contest between Obama and Clinton,” he told me. “There’s no question race will be a factor with Obama and McCain. But I’m not sure it plays out as neatly as people think. There’s no question that some young cohort of white voters were drawn to Obama because they like the idea of a break with the past. A young, white politician from Illinois might not have gotten that support. So race probably cost Obama some votes. And it probably won him some votes. That’s the complex reality we’re living in.”

A break with the past. That’s the real message of Obama’s campaign. They’re getting to a new voter to get past all that old shit that Pinkerton is talking about.

It may just work.


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