Hot Coffee

How do you want it? That could be the slogan of Bikini Coffee, a new coffee joint in Portland Oregon that features women serving coffee in bikinis.

The weird thing for Grumpy Guy is that he works very near this place. In fact he has to walk past it everyday. A nice Japanese family used to run the shop, they were there for years, occupying a very small space, about the size of a walk in closet. I’m not exaggerating. Construction of the adjacent building forced them out. Soon after that, a sign was put up over the space: “Coming Soon! Bikini Coffee!”. Now the joint is occupied by skinny blonde women in bikinis serving coffee. Think Hooters, except instead of boobs in the dangerous vicinity of deep fried oil, it’s boobs threatened by steamed milk.

There are a couple of protesters that have been standing outside the shop for the past couple of weeks holding signs like: “Flaunt it at the Club not the workplace!” Today one of the bikini girls was standing outside the shop, not necessarily confronting the protesters, but maybe trying to show they’re not intimidated. I’ve been telling people that I don’t think it’ll be open long. July and August have been hot here in Portland, good bikini weather. But come September and October, things are going to get more nipple. I mean nippy.


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