McCain Panders to Religious Nuts

McCain has never come across as a particularly religious man, and the religious right have never warmed to him because of it. McCain, knowing this, has decided to start a campaign labeling Barack Obama as the Antichrist. McCain’s message to the “Left Behind” weirdoes: “Hey, if you don’t vote for me, then you’re letting the Antichrist take over our country. We can’t let that happen.” It’s McCain’s “get out the vote” strategy targeting the religious right. Now the message has been picked up by CNN.

What bothers me about this is that any attack by McCain about Obama, no matter how ridiculous, seems to get some play. Obama on the other hand, even through surrogates, can’t seem to touch McCain. McCain is appealing to his base on an emotional level and it’s scoring him points. Obama has to do the same thing, hit people in their guts, not just their minds. Politics isn’t pretty, and Dems need to get on that. Hit on the obvious. McCain is old. His politics are old. Old. Old. Old. Even old folks wonder if an old man like McCain should be president. And I just found out that McCain is only 5’, 7’’. What’s that got to do with anything? Nothing. But a good campaign manager will turn that into something. Yeah, it’s mean. But so is calling someone the Antichrist.


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