Still Angry About Hillary: Part II

There are certain bloggers still pissed about Hillary. These bloggers are very good at pointing out Obama’s weaknesses and how they could come to screw him in the general election.

Unless one is completely ignorant to U.S. presidential elections, the fact that Barack Hussein Obama has a chance to become the next president of the United States is remarkable. But to the bitter Hillary supporters, Obama won the primary by:

Playing the race card
Playing the sexism card
A bias media
And… that appears to be it. Other than the fact he’s merely a good-looking panderer and flip-flopper that sells snake oil wrapped up in “hope” and “change” to a bunch of deluded idiots who are looking for a savior sent by God.

But most of all it’s the “race card” that really pisses them off. It’s the “race card” played by Obama that has built up “white resentment” among Hillary supporters and now potential John McCain supporters.

Still Unable To Connect

by Steve Soto

When Clinton tweaked Obama’s style, shallowness on the issues, and inability to connect with the general electorate on real pocketbook issues, she was branded as running a racial campaign and eagerly trashed by his supporters and the media because she was a Clinton. That was, and is the Obama campaign’s answer to all criticism that he cannot connect, or is too focused on his image at the expense of delineating a campaign of differences: my opponent is running a racist campaign through old-style politics.

Hillary supporters can’t get over the belief that Obama played the “race card” on Hillary, and that’s what put him over the top. The “white resentment” factor is real and it’s something that Obama has to deal with. But he knows this. He talked about it in his speech during the Rev. Wright scandal.

…to wish away the resentments of white Americans, to label them as misguided or even racist, without recognizing they are grounded in legitimate concerns – this too widens the racial divide, and blocks the path to understanding.

It’s a racial stalemate we’ve been stuck in for years.

Who are these people that resent being called racist, when they know damn well they are not? Geraldine Ferraro is one.

Every time that campaign is upset about something, they call it racist,” she said. “I will not be discriminated against because I’m white. If they think they’re going to shut up Geraldine Ferraro with that kind of stuff, they don’t know me.

YouTube sensation and Clinton supporter Harriet Christian is another.

The democrats are throwing the election away. For what? An inadequate black male – Who had not have been running had it not been a white woman that was running for president? And I’m not going to shut my mouth anymore. I can be called white, but you can’t be called black. That’s not my America.

John McCain:

King:… is it a fair criticism for Rick Davis to say—the Obama campaign is playing the race card?

McCain: It is, I’m sorry to say that it is. It’s legitimate and we don’t, there’s no place in this campaign for that. There’s no place for it and we shouldn’t be doing it.

King: They say that’s not the case.

McCain: OK John, I’ll let the American people judge.

They all have something in common: the “white resentment” thing, the
pushback against a racist campaign coordinated by Barack Obmama. You see, the “race card” is the only answer Obama has to his critics. How else can we explain his success against Hillary Clinton, and the very real scenario that he may become the first black president of the United States? How else could he possibly achieve his current success, BUT by playing the “race card”?


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