Still Angry About Hillary

Digby on Fallow and the Democrat primary debates:

Fallows didn’t see the debates in real time (he was in China) so he was only able to get the full flavor of what was so wrong with them after the fact, seeing them all at once. Very few people wrote about this while it was happening, even in the blogosphere, until Gibson and Stephanopoulos went over the top on Barack and his online supporters lurched into gear. I consider that our failure too (me included — I didn’t make it the kind of focus of my blogging that I should have) and I hope we’ve learned our lesson.

Big Tent responds about Digby’s post:

Digby pulls her punch here. She KNOWS why it was not covered by most of the Left bogs until the ABC debate – for the same reason Media’s bias, sexism and misogyny was not covered by the blogs – because they loved it when it was against Hillary Clinton.

Is Big Tent insinuating that Digby sympathized with left blogs who “…loved it when it [the media] was against Hillary Clinton” – am I reading that right?

There seems to be three arguments that “Talk Left’s” Big Tent is making these days concerning Barack Obama’s contest with McCain. One: Because Obama played the “race card” with Hillary, he cannot effectively hit back on McCain when McCain uses the “race card”. Two: Because the “left blogsphere” didn’t support Hillary when she was attacked with sexist and misogynist rhetoric, they’re criticisms of McCain’s sexism rings hollow. Three: Obama should pick Hillary as his running mate.

When are Clinton supporters (I was one at one point) going to own the fact that Hillary Clinton lost to Obama, not because of the “race card” or because of sexism, but because SHE FUCKED UP. The Clinton campaign was woefully unprepared in the event that Obama was for real, and that they would have to battle the guy. They went into full panic mode when Obama won Iowa, and simply didn’t have a plan to deal with it. Why? Because they didn’t think they would have to deal with it.

Being the best person for the job doesn’t necessarily mean that person’s the best candidate for the job or that their campaign is superior. If that were true we wouldn’t of had two terms of GWB.

If there’s anything that Clinton supporters should be pissed at, it’s the fact that Hillary didn’t have her shit together.


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