Can Obama Count on Clintonites?

A sense of revenge? I’m getting the impression that certain people who’s candidate lost a certain primary would find a kind satisfaction in seeing Obama lose the general election. They may not vote for McCain, but their disdain for Obama may keep them home, which would be good for McCain. I knew a lot of Clintonites suspected Obama of playing the “race card”, but I didn’t know a lot of them accused him of outright stealing the race. Will Clintonites who believe that Obama stole the primary from Hillary be able to vote for him? If I were a Clinton supporter who believed Obama stole the race, I wouldn’t be able to vote for the guy

And now with three months remaining until the general election the trends are working in McCain’s favor.

Electoral vote August 16: Obama 275 McCain 250 Ties 13
Electoral vote August 4: Obama 316 McCain 209 Ties 13
Electoral vote July 18: Obama 325 McCain 199 Ties 14
Electoral vote June 19: Obama 344 McCain 194

After Obama won the primary, his fist inclination wasn’t to reach out to Clintonites, but to independents who lean right. According to the trends, it isn’t paying off for him, and a lot of Clintonites are still pissed off, without any indication that they are automatically going to vote for Obama. And now Obama supporters are freaking out.

From AmericaBlog:

Joe and I know a lot of people in politics. A lot of them are very smart. They’re not the people you hate, the Cokie Roberts’ and the Mrs. Greenspan’s of the world. They’re the kind of people you like and you trust. And those people are now telling us that they fear we’re going to lose the election.

Clinton supporters are bitter as ever.

Earth to Leon, please STFU until you actually talk to some Clinton supporters. It is NOT out of a sense of entitlement that we continue to support her. It’s OUT OF A SENSE OF ROBBERY! You really sound stupid when you don’t know what you’re talking about.—Caro

I’m going to wait after the Democrat Convention before I start to panic. The convention may be a new starting point for everybody, Obamanites and Clintonites alike. An opportunity to refocus and remind democrats what this election is about. Keeping George Bush from winning a third term. If the trends still slip after the convention, it’s time to start freaking out.


3 Responses to Can Obama Count on Clintonites?


    I’m a Democrat that will NOT vote for Obama regardless of WHO he chooses for VP. Which means…even if he choose Hillary, it wouldn’t matter. I do not trust obama. Period. Not bitter except for the fact that ‘if’ people knew about obama before this process he wouldn’t be the “presumptive” nominee. Think about it.


    o forgot..yes I am voting for MCCAIN – not Obama and I will NOT stay at home..OHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOO way.

  3. takeadeepbreath says:

    You (OMGIAMetc) are obviously very emotional. Rationally speaking, why do you not trust Obama? Rationally speaking, how could you possibly support a republican candidate? Your vote is important, please don’t throw it away because of your emotions.

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