Progressives: Disappointed and Bored With Obama

According to Digby, Obama’s got problems.

This convinces me that the central problem for the campaign is that nobody knows what Obama stands for. It’s a perennial problem for Democrats, but I think it may be an even bigger problem this time. The hope and change theme was galvanizing in the beginning but it isn’t enough to sustain full campaign. What was once inspiring has become a fog.

It’s not that Obama doesn’t represent something, it’s that Boomers don’t connect with what he represents, which is a younger generation, the generation of voters that grew up after the boomers, some coming of voting age after 9/11. Many of these voters aren’t interested in the politics of the 60’s and 70’s, nor are they interested in fighting the same fight the Clinton’s had to in the 90’s.

Steve Soto basically says the same thing as Digby, except in a much more depressing way.

I’m bored by the Obama hype and see nothing now in his candidacy other than the fact he isn’t McCain. The Supreme Court is enough to make us vote for him, but my feeling now is that Obama lost this race already, and it isn’t the fault of bloggers (who he disdains and doesn’t need), but rather himself and all the fawning Democratic Party lackeys who fell in behind him as he led them over the cliff.

Jesus H. fucking Christ on a cracker. Soto has given up on the election all together. Remarkable. Obama is a talented, young, politician, an unknown really, a black man with a Muslim name, and he has a real shot, A REAL SHOT, at becoming the next president of the United States. This shouldn’t be happening. But it is. To me this is remarkable. But bloggers like Soto are bored and disappointed.

Obama may not be the perfect candidate for progressives, but he’s a pretty damn good democratic candidate, the best one democrats have had since Clinton. (Bill that is). Obama is losing points! Really? You don’t say! He should be up by ten, but is only up a few, tied in some polls, and losing in others! Mother-fucker, if anything, Obama should be DOWN ten points. Again. A black man with a Muslim name becoming president of the United States of America. Who would have thought, merely seven years after 9/11? And yet, here he is. Despite the hate, the pessimism, the depression, the fear, the polls. HE’S RIGHT THERE.

Give the MoFo a chance for Christ’s sake!

Soto writes that if Obama loses it will be his own fault and not the fault of the bloggers (who he [Obama] disdains and doesn’t need). Okay. So that must mean that if Obama wins, he’ll have no one to thank but himself, and his “disdain” for bloggers will have been justified.

What a load.


John and Joe at AmericaBlog are feeling the same as Digby and Soto.

…people are now telling us that they fear we’re going to lose the election.

The blogs are poised to help (should the campaign ever decide to truly engage us).

We have to win and the Obama campaign needs to let us all help him win.

AmericaBlog predicted Obama’s primary win against Hillary when most were convinced Hillary would be the nominee. They know what they’re talking about. The feelings are real. I’m just wondering if certain bloggers aren’t simply having their feelings hurt because Obama isn’t running his campaign the way they think he should, which of course would include Obama engaging the blogsphere.


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