This Is Getting Ugly

Y’know, when you have a lefty blogger that is gay, posting about a post that suggests that John McCain, while a captive in Vietnam, may have been buggered, by what McCain says were his homosexual captors, you know things are getting ugly.

John McCain’s sadistic North Vietnamese homosexual captors

John Aravosis (DC) · 8/19/2008 03:56:00 PM ET

I’m not even sure what to do with this. But I agree with Gawker – where did McCain get the notion that his captors were gay if they never hit on him?

Queerty tracked down what may be McCain’s first personal account of his captivity and torture, for US News & World Report in May of 1973.

Some guards would just come in and do their job.
A lot of them were homosexual, although never toward us. Some, who were pretty damned sadistic, seemed to get a big thrill out of the beatings.

The MSM has picked up on the fact that a lot of progressive blogs are unhappy with the way Obama’s campaign is reacting, or not reacting rather, to John McCain’s attacks. Some are pissed off that Obama doesn’t solicit their advice or help. Well, it looks like some of them aren’t going to wait for his solicitation.

I’m sure the idea is to hit back on the typical GOP hypocritical take on homosexuality, but it will more likely come off as a smear. This kind of thing works for GOP operatives, but it always backfires on Democrats. Just ask Wesley Clark.


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