Obama and McCain in Dead Heat

AmericaBlog is officially freaking out.

Why people should be worried about the polls
Robert Arena · 8/20/2008 09:00:00

While some here think everything is going just fine, and that Obama has a secret plan lying in wait, I ask you to think back a year ago. Imagine if someone had told you that the most charismatic Democratic speaker in a decade would be in a dead-heat with a Republican has-been corrupt waffler – you would have laughed in their face. After eight years of George Bush? No way, people are fed up – that’ll never happen.

Doesn’t he mean the most charismatic “black Democrat Speaker” in a decade? The fact that Obama is a black man is a factor in this race. The fact that he has a real shot at this is amazing. A year ago people that I knew predicted that Hillary would win the nomination and that McCain would beat her in the general. So, yes, I knew people that not only didn’t think Obama could win a general election, they didn’t think he could win the democrat primary. And who is saying Obama has a secret plan? Is he referring to DDay’s post about Obama’s “ground attack”?

This race is a dead heat and is up for grabs both in the national polls as well as in key states like Ohio, Florida, Missouri, etc. Face reality folks – something isn’t working.

Let’s see, a well known war hero called “The Maverick” who has been adored by the media and independents for thirty plus years, vs. a black man with a Muslim name that hasn’t been in politics for half as many years as his opponent — AND THEY’RE IN A DEAD HEAT!

I can live with that.


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