Panic In the Year Obama!

Game over man! Game over! What are we going to do now? WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?

– Hudson, “Aliens” –

Some lefty bloggers are reminding me of Bill Paxton from Aliens. In complete panic mode. DDay over at Hullubaloo has some words of wisdom for those who are freaking out about McCain gaining in the polls on Obama:

All of these are very smart people who want Obama to win – some of them were his staunchest supporters in the primary – and see it slipping away. I think they all make points which are valid to varying degrees. But they are failing to totally account for the X factor of the election, an X factor which is going virtually unmentioned throughout the blogosphere – the historic ground effort that the Obama campaign is banking on to win. It is not without peril, but it is a very new thing, and I think we have to understand it if we want to understand the twists and turns of this election.

And which voters is Obama counting on in his “ground game”? Progressives upset with Obama dismiss many of these voters as fair weather democrats. But I agree with DDay. I think there are some new voters that many bloggers aren’t taking seriously.

I’m 41 years old. I’ve been voting since I was 18. But I have a lot of friends, too many, who have never voted. Not once. Not for state, local, or federal candidates or any legislation. Nothing. But they are voting this time, and they’re voting because of Obama. To them Obama represents “a break with the past”. He represents a new beginning. These are the voters that may put Obama over the top. They are also the voters that aren’t being recognized by bloggers who are feeling depressed about Obama. Or if they are being recognized, they’re being ridiculed as not true democrats.

As bloggers, we are essentially writers, and as such creative people, who tend to focus on the creative aspects of the campaign (“Obama should do an ad that says X!!!”). There is a whole other aspect…[voter registration, the ground game, new voters]

Maybe it isn’t Obama that is living in a bubble, but bloggers who feel their influence on the general election has been marginalized.


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