Obama Campaign Figures It Out

Just because nobody gives a shit about how many houses John McCain has, doesn’t mean you can’t make an issue out of it. Is this the issue that stops the bleeding on Obama, the fact that McCain can’t remember how many houses he has? It may. Because the issue isn’t McCain’s wealth, but the fact if an old guy is asked a question about something as personal as a house, and says he “can’t remember”, then he comes off as someone that isn’t in control of his faculties.

This is the type of shadowy smear campaign the GOP is really good at running. It’s also the kind of smear campaign Obama has to get involved in. On the surface the topic appears to be about McCain’s wealth, or the fact that he’s out of touch with the average working American when it comes to defining wealth. But the real message is that McCain is out of touch with his own mind.

Obama releases new ad over McCain “I don’t know how many houses I own” gaffe
John Aravosis (DC)

Good. And the ad nicely avoids the issue of whether McCain is losing his cognitive abilities because of his advanced age (he’s going to be 72 in a week).

Um. No it doesn’t. The video emphasizes McCain’s age very cleverly. Look at the video at the 0:08 mark to the 0:12 mark.

McCain is seen sitting next to Bush. But the shot is in slowmotion and McCain looks completely out of it. The underlined theme to the whole “I can’t remember” comment, is that McCain is losing his cognitive abilities because of advanced age.

Then the same day when asked how many houses he owns… McCain lost track, he couldn’t remember.

This ad is about McCain’s age and whether he’s capable at his age to run the country. Is it mean? Yes, it’s mean. But so is invading a country that is not a threat to you. So is outing a CIA officer out of spite and revenge because their spouse criticized your administration. So is supporting a president that does those kind of horrible things. So is promising to continue to support those same president’s policies. All those things are mean. So don’t worry about being mean Obama. The American public will actually show you more respect for it.


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