Not Getting The Message

Turkana at “Left Coaster” thinks the “McCain Gaffe” is being blown out of proportion.

I’m guessing that McCain’s being married to a wealthy heiress, and his not knowing how many homes they own, won’t make a difference to more than a smattering of voters.

Are we lefty’s really this soft? Is it that some of us simply can’t think outside the box?  McCain’s gaffe isn’t about homes and wealth, it’s about how he couldn’t answer the question. It’s about memory. It’s about his AGE.

Digby is reporting that McCain is already hitting back against Obama. That was fast. I’m guessing they’re pulling shit out of the hat they had stored up for later, but they are going to try and stop this in its tracks. And for good reason. They know as well as Obama knows, McCain’s comments aren’t about being rich and out of touch, it’s about being OLD and out to lunch. 


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