Obama and “The Hillary Problem”

AmericaBlog and their friend Rob talk polls and the “Hillary problem”.

Rob is on the beach somewhere, just emailed me his take on the new poll showing 27% of Hillary supporters saying they’ll vote for McCain.

At some point, if you don’t reach out to people sufficiently, and in an ongoing manner, you run the risk of them turning on you. Doesn’t mean that’s what’s happening here, but it could be.

I suspect that Obama’s people are banking on the hope that as it becomes obvious that there are bigger issues, particularly the Supreme Court, those voters will come home and vote for the Democratic ticket.

Or does Obama expect to win without Hillary voters? There sure were a hell of a lot of them after the primary. If Obama loses, then he’ll have to concede that he lost because he did not court Hillary voters enough. If he wins, then it will probably be in spite of these voters, and as a result of his so called “ground game”. This convention is Obama’s shot at convincing Clintonites that he’s the best choice, that this country can’t afford another four years of George W. Bush.

27%? Ouch! That’s gotta hurt.


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