Democratic National Convention… BORING!

How Hard Is It To Run A Convention? I guess it’s pretty hard. I caught some of Ted and Michelle, they looked good. I tried to catch some of the rest, but it was difficult. Something was really off about the energy of the place. Maybe it was the building itself. Maybe the damn thing was too big. The first night of the Dem National Convention was BORING. There I said. If I’m the organizer of the GOP convention, I’m taking notes of what not to do. And it’s easy to fix. Get some music in there. Fill up all that dead space with people rocking out, or jamming or riffing. How about a comedian? Anything that makes the convention come off as though something is happening. A lot of bloggers are complaining that there was no message. Is that really the problem? You can have message, but if people are bored, they’re not going to hang around to hear the message. I would say the main problem with the convention so far is that it’s boring. Bottom line: whoever organized/arranged the first night really blew it. Correct, there was no message. They didn’t go after Bush. They didn’t go after McCain. They didn’t communicate what they were about. But worse… IT WAS BORING.


One Response to Democratic National Convention… BORING!

  1. Tom says:

    I followed it on CNN live and apart from Ted and Michelle, who were electrifying and magnificent, I would have to agree. The parts of the start of the convention I saw were dry and dull, mediocre speakers with nothing real to offer. Honestly quite disappointing.

    Having said that, I think Ted and Michelle balanced it out.

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