Kevin Duckworth R.I.P. (April 1, 1964 – August 25, 2008)

Blazer fans loved Kevin Duckworth. We cheered him on because when he put his mind to it, he was a damn good ball player. But Kevin really wasn’t a basketball player as much as he was a fisherman. Duckworth liked to fish. That’s what he was into. It just happened that he was 6-11 and 250. So everyone expected him to play, especially because he had some ability. But he would frustrate fans with his weight problems, and his inconsistent play. I think he had one season when he stayed in shape and averaged 18 points a game. But I think it was always fishing, not basketball, that was on Duckworth’s mind. So, I’m a give a shout out to Duckworth for giving it a good go, for giving Blazer fans some good memories, and sacrificing all the days he could have had on a peaceful lake fishing, banging on the court, trying to win a championship.

Thanks Duck


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