Novakula Returns

On July 23 of this year, Novak hit a pedestrian with his car and tried to drive away. A bicyclist followed Novak and made him pull over until the police came. That’s known as a hit and run. Very bad. But police officers gave Novak a wag of their finger, and sent him on his way.

Then on July 29 Novak reported that he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and would be retiring from political commentary. There have been no reports about the status of the tumor since. BUT… Novakula is back.

Robert Novak, who announced his retirement earlier this month after being diagnosed with a brain tumor, will still write occasional columns.

If Bob hadn’t gotten a brain tumor, he would still be getting shit for the hit and run. But he did get a brain tumor. Right? Now critics are reluctant to call him on his bullshit, because that would be mean, after all, the man has a brain tumor. You know what else is mean? Conspiring with the Bush administration to out a CIA operative, jeopardizing her family, colleagues, contacts and our national security, simply because her husband called GW out on his bullshit. Now that’s mean.


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