Palin: How Do You Pronounce That?

I’ve caught a couple of pundits asking how to pronounce Palin’s name — first Joe Scarborough, and then Rush Limbaugh.

Nobody knows who Sarah Palin is. This her biggest weakness, not the fact that she doesn’t have any experience. If experience were key to a candidate becoming president, (or vice president) then we would not have had eight years of Bill Clinton, who beat a guy who was in WWII, headed the CIA and was vice president and president of the United states. Bush Sr. had loads of experience. Experience up the ass, and it still didn’t matter. Nor would we had gotten eight years of George (AWOL) Jr., who’s idea of leading is delegating everything to Dick Cheney someone else and have them lead.

Obama’S had a few years to build his name up. If a voter isn’t sure about Obama’s policies, he certainly knows the name Obama. Barack Obama and Joe Biden are names voters are familiar with. Voters know McCain, but they don’t know Palin, and they only have a few months to build her name up so the McCain/Palin tandum will mean something to voters. The GOP certainly isn’t going with name recognition with this one, which I’m sure McCain was hoping Lieberman would help him with. It’s going to have to be an all out blitz of Sarah Palin on the talk shows. We’ll see Sarah on “The View” and “Today” and “The Tonight Show” and everyone will be nice to her and blah, blah, blah.

But will Oprah have her on?


2 Responses to Palin: How Do You Pronounce That?

  1. Tom L says:

    Good points, totally agree.

  2. Wow, amazing what a poor choice this is!

    I thought McCain had more intelligence than to pick Palin.
    Frankly, I am embarrassed for the GOP.
    I mean, is that the best they can come up with?
    What happened to the great right-wing think tanks?

    It’s like McCain torpedoed his own ship.
    Here’s a 72 year-old fellow who chooses a gal with no
    foreign policy experience, and she is one heart-beat away from
    being THE person that would have to go toe to toe with the
    likes of Putin, Ahmadinejad, Kim Il Sung.
    She is essentially a PTA lady from a town of 9000.

    Well, at least it ensures the GOP will carry Alaska.
    Oh, wait, that’s already a red state.

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