Palin: That 28% Up For Grabs

This is a play for the women’s vote, in particular, women that supported Hillary and are still up for grabs. It’s pretty shrewd. On the one hand it undermines McCain’s message about experience, but at the same time, how can Obama say that Palin is too young and inexperienced when he himself is the same age as her and hasn’t been in office that long. I imagine both campaigns won’t make experience an issue.

It’s Palin
By: Jane Hamsher

With the last Rasmussen poll showing that 28% of her [Hillary] voters still won’t vote for Obama, there’s certainly a lot of opportunity there.

I have to say that as a woman, there is something intuitively appealing about her selection, even though I politically disagree with everything she believes in and would never in a million years vote for her.

I’m still not quite sure why Obama didn’t try and lock that vote down by overlooking the personal animosity he and Clinton shared and picking her as his running mate, but he didn’t.

Obama has gotten all he’s going to get out of the Clinton’s from the convention, so it’s up to him to find a way to get their vote. Will that huge block of voters, 28% of Hillary supporters on the fence, turn to McCain/Palin? If Jane Hamsher finds the choice appealing, then so do a lot of other women voters.

This is going to be interesting.


One Response to Palin: That 28% Up For Grabs

  1. Tom L says:

    Some will jump ship, but I don’t think a conservative beauty pageant from Alaska will really appeal to the typical Hillary voter. They voted Clinton because of her policies (e.g. a woman’s right to choose) and experience, not because she happens to have a pair of boobs.

    As for making experience an issue, well the Republicans have already made it the cornerstone of their campaign. What else do they have that could make a semi-valid argument? What if something happens to McCain, would you trust a 44 year old governor from Alaska who’s been in office for only 2 years?

    The VP debate will be ugly… Biden and Palin debating foreign policy? Not sure if I can even bare to watch that.

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