Leave Sarah Palin ALONE!

Apparently a few bloggers are concerned about criticizing Mrs. Palin.

Tuesday Morning Open Thread
By Big Tent Democrat, Section Blog Related
Posted on Tue Sep 02,

A personal note –I am not comfortable with writing about this election right now. I am not comfortable with the behavior of some Democrats and Left blogs regarding Sarah Palin.

I’m comfortable as hell when it comes to scrutinizing republicans. And Sarah Palin is a republican who decided to accept the republican nomination for VP knowing full well what that entailed. She knew it for herself and her family, and she took it anyway. Why certain bloggers are saying her personal life is off limits is beyond me.

Was it off limits when Bill got a blow job from Monica? That was his personal life. It had no relevance to his work as president. Or John Kerry’s war record. He served his country, his service can’t be questioned. Or Joe Wilson’s wife. She’s a CIA operative, her name can’t be used in public. Or John Edward’s love child. He’s not in the race anymore, what does that have to do with politics at this point?

Yes, there are certain things in politics that are personal, not in the public interest, and should be off limits and should not be scrutinized or criticized or used for shameless political pandering…

If you’re a republican.

After everything that the GOP pulled on the Clinton’s in the ‘90’s, after everything that Bush and his enablers have done in the past eight years, from lying this country into war, to outing a CIA agent endangering the country, to making soldiers perform two, three and four tours of duty in Iraq, to illegal spying on Americans, to legalizing torture, to illegal prisons, to politicizing the DOJ and on and on and on… and it’s still going on… after all the criminal activity of Bush and the GOP… certain bloggers are now concerned about being mean to Sarah Palin, a politician who in a heartbeat, if getting the chance, will do nothing but continue to enable the same Bush policies that have shamed and dragged this country into the gutter.

But don’t be mean to Sarah Palin. It makes certain bloggers uncomfortable.


Bloggers who are uncomfortable about criticizing Palin should read this blog. Like BTD, Soto was a Hillary supporter who was disappointed in her loss and disgusted with a lot of Obama supporters. But he hasn’t lost sight of the big picture, or what the real situation is with Mrs. Palin.


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