Palin: A Withdrawal In The Future?


The controversy surrounding Palin’s daughter Bristol’s pregnancy is beginning to mess with the Maverick, as it should. After all, Palin was his pick. Shouldn’t he have known if something in Palin’s history or current situation could hurt his campaign? Shouldn’t he have to answer for his pick? It appears he didn’t know about Bristol’s pregnancy, although he’s claiming that he did. But then why is he sending a group of lawyers to Alaska?

Shortly after her announcement, McCain’s team dispatched a dozen operatives and lawyers to Alaska, fueling speculation that a comprehensive examination of Palin’s past was incomplete and being done only after she was placed on the ticket. Culvahouse denied that, saying his team of 25 scoured public and private records to produce a 40-page, single-spaced report on each top candidate.

Richard Gizbert believes Palin’s number is up.

Allow me to predict that, within the next week or so, Sarah Palin will withdraw from the Republican ticket.

Really? If Palin’s number is up, it’s not merely because of the current revelation alone, but because there’s some other crap that McCain doesn’t want to deal with.


One Response to Palin: A Withdrawal In The Future?

  1. Sarah Palin opposes sex education and favors abstinence instead.

    I wonder how that’s working out for you, Sarah!??

    I wonder what is says of her judgment.
    Oh, wait . . . maybe it was an immaculate conception!

    Check this out:

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