McCain and Palin’s War On The Media: Why It Won’t Work

McCain is going to beg the American public to feel sorry for him and his running mate, because the “liberal media” is being mean and unfair. The GOP, over a number of years, with the help of talk radio, has been able to fuse the word “Liberal” and “media” into one giant stinking turd that has united conservatives and put a leash on journalist.

But the last eight years have been ruled by the GOP, and they got away with everything, with the help of the “liberal media”, including lying a country into war. The whole “liberal media” narrative has been played out. But McCain is going to dig into that well one more time, and is going to make a claim to the American people that the big bad media, once again, is trying to suppress the ideas and thoughts of real Americans like him and smear the All American girl Sarah Palin.

This is a desperate ploy by McCain. GOP voters feel gas prices, inflation, and the cost of war, just like liberals do. Do they really have the energy to try to fight McCain’s and Palin’s fight, when they know deep down they shouldn’t have to? Will there not be the tiniest bit of resentment towards Palin when she gives her speech tonight? After all, GOP voters wouldn’t have to be spending time defending and trying to rally around a VP candidate that was better known, and had more experience. McCain put GOP voters in the position of cheerleading a candidate they haven’t had a chance to get to know, one that seems less and less qualified the more they get to know her.

McCain, by picking a complete unknown, is now spending all his time and energy, trying to introduce and define his running mate to America, finding himself on the defensive, and improvising during a time when he should be in control of his message. Because he chose poorly and hastily, he and Palin and their party are being defined as incompetent, cynical and hypocritical.

The point of a National Convention is to bring constitutes together. But there is no presentation, there is no message, there is no smokescreen, there is no speech, that can change the fact that Palin is not qualified for the job, and that McCain’s pick is completely reckless.


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