Brokaw: Obama Better Watch Out

I caught Tom Brokaw this morning (rerun from last night) speaking about Palin’s speech. He was very impressed.

“Tonight makes a very auspicious debut as the vice presidential candidate before this hall and a national television audience. She could not have been more winning or engaging.”

As a matter of fact, he had some words of wisdom for Obama and the democratic party. Don’t get too cocky. He said in so many words, that Obama and his supporters are over confident and full of themselves and feel a sense of entitlement. In other words, they’re “elitists”. Palin? She’s “Folksy” and “Down to earth”. Wow. I didn’t think one speech by a completely unknown politician could stir the loins of a guy like Brokaw, but I guess I was wrong.

But it wasn’t just MSM pundits that thought Palin rocked. Several blogs on the left thought she was very successful. I couldn’t watch thirty seconds of her speech. Then again, I didn’t watch Obama’s speech either. There really aren’t any politicians that I want to listen to for more than a minute at a time.

My guess is that Palin gets another week to bask in the sun, maybe go on a few talk shows and chat it up with Matt and Jay. And then the shit is going to hit the fan once again. It’s pretty clear that McCain does not know the first thing about his running mate. I’m sure he’s hoping that the MSM is going to get on board the Sarah Palin express and won’t dig into her past anymore than has already been dug up.

Good luck with that.


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