Left Strategy for Palin: Kid Gloves?

I don’t get it. Playing nice with Republicans never gets Democrats anywhere.

Affirmative Concern Trolling
By: Jane Hamsher

Ross Douthat offers “Free advice for Democrats”:

Behave as though Sarah Palin does not exist. Pray that the media will find some Palin-related scandal even more shocking than the perfervid theories aired this week…

…do not under any circumstances allow yourselves to be drawn any deeper into a debate — over the relative qualifications and accomplishments of Barack Obama and the Republican vice-presidential nominee.

…the Obama-Biden ticket has vastly more to gain from changing the subject away from Sarah Palin than they do from placing her candidacy, her qualifications and her background front and center in this race.

I realize we live in a People Magazine culture (or, as Digby notes, an American Idol culture) but turn this woman into a martyr and the Republicans own the news cycle.

Not letting the Republicans own the news cycle is smart politics, but what makes us believe that laying off Palin’s background, or the rumors, is going to ensure that they won’t own it anyway? They’ve owned it since 2000. It’s only recently the MSM has thrown a few bones to the left with the likes of Olberman and Maddow.

The rumors concerning Palin are exactly where they are supposed to be — not coming out of the mouths of Obama or Biden. Blogs that don’t want the tabloid gossip staining their sites are more than welcome to ban, edit, or delete comments.

But do not lay off Palin. If this “pitbull with lipstick” is fatally wounded, and suffering from scandal, then lets put this pitbull down. Expose Palin for what she is — a hypocritical republican. If that happens to entail behavior by her and her family, that exposes her hypocrisy, and the hypocrisy of the GOP, and the reckless incompetence of John McCain, in picking a VP he didn’t investigate properly, then so be it.

Nothing that’s happened this week has changed the fact that it’s going to be very, very hard for the Democrats to lose a race between Obama and McCain –

So stop attacking Palin.

This happens in sports all the time. A team gets a sizable lead, so big there’s no way they should lose. But then something happens. The other team begins to play hard and aggressive, and the team that’s winning begins to play passively, fearful that they’ll make too many mistakes. They stop being the aggressors, and in the process lose the big lead, and eventually the game, and all because they were afraid to lose.

Democrats are still afraid of the GOP, still afraid of the MSM, still afraid of Karl Rove, giving him and the GOP way too much credit, even after it’s been proven that Rove can’t do “the math”.

Palin is obviously a strong personality, public speaker and formidable politician. But there’s something wrong in camp McCain. Palin isn’t being shipped home to be trained about foreign policy, she’s being gagged, shackled, and put under house arrest. This isn’t a Rovian bate and hook. This is damage control, pure and simple, on a VP pick that has some serious baggage that can sink McCain.

Don’t let McCain off the hook by ignoring his judgment in picking a VP who he doesn’t know, and who isn’t qualified to be VP or President of the United States.


One Response to Left Strategy for Palin: Kid Gloves?

  1. Do also note that while most news media, liberals, democrats had wrongfully belittled Sarah Palin’s association with Pentecostal Christianity, this actually next gave her more publicity, exposure and better still even next more support from many Christians. Not what the demons had expected or hope for for sure. The bashing of her religion was clearly a great mistake on their parts. Obama wishes he got so much coverage now as well..

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