Obama on O’Reilly Part II

I can’t bring myself to actually listen to it. But what caught my attention was the staging of the interview, the location and shots.

They don’t give Obama a lot of “face time”. He gets a close up, but O’Reilly gets two close ups and the wide shot shows a full three quarter profile of O’Reilly while Obama barely gets a full side profile, we’re seeing a lot of the back of his head.

Compare Obama’s set up with what O’Reilly did with Bush, Hillary and McCain.

I don’t get the strategy of Obama going on O’Reilly. It’s got high ratings in the cable news network world, but it’s watched mostly by Archie Bunker types who will never vote for him.

Murdoch has been trying to get Obama to go on Fox for a while. When Obama met with Murchoch and Ailes, Obama told them why he wasn’t interested in going on FOX:

Obama lit into Ailes. He said that he didn’t want to waste his time talking to Ailes if Fox was just going to continue to abuse him and his wife, that Fox had relentlessly portrayed him as suspicious, foreign, fearsome—just short of a terrorist.

Ailes, unruffled, said it might not have been this way if Obama had more willingly come on the air instead of so often giving Fox the back of his hand.

According to John Amato at “Crooks and Liars” Obama’s concerns were well founded.

Bill attacks Obama with a mean spirited and nasty viciousness that he has never used against McCain, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the rest of the administration that he feels are in good standing. It was sickening to watch him interrupt Obama with a scowl on his face every time Barack tries to finish a point he was trying to make.

After the segment was over—he had a little nasty grin on his face as he berated Jane Hall when she tried to analyze Bill’s question about if she bought the idea that Obama was a terror warrior.


After he cut off Hall and tried to embarrass her, he moved over to winger Monica Crowley and asked is she thought Obama was a terror warrior and the Republican shill gave Bill the answer he wanted. She said “no ” and O’Reilly laughing approved.

Why didn’t Bill straight up ask if Obama was a terrorist? Note to Obama: Stay away from Fox. They’re scum.


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