Palin Put Under GOP House Arrest

So now McCain wants to keep Palin under wraps? Why? Her speech at the RNC was a rousing barnburner. Let her loose. Take the leash off this “Pittbull with lipstick”! No? They don’t want to do that for some reason. I wonder why?

Posted by Jay Carney

According to Nicole Wallace of the McCain campaign, the American people don’t care whether Sarah Palin can answer specific questions about foreign and domestic policy. According to Wallace — in an appearance I did with her this morning on Joe Scarborough’s show — the American people will learn all they need to know (and all they deserve to know) from Palin’s scripted speeches and choreographed appearances on the campaign trail and in campaign ads.

There is no reason for them to do this, unless they have something to hide. The whole idea that Dems and MSM are being set up to attack Palin, only so they can look like fools doesn’t play in this situation.

It’s beginning to look more and more like John McCain got played by Sarah Palin and the religious right. There’s no way McCain new about Palin’s teenage daughter’s pregnancy. Why is seventeen year old Bristol’s pregnancy important? Because the GOP is the party of “family values” that’s why. It makes them look like hypocrites and incompetents who can’t keep their own houses in order. How pissed is John McCain right now? If there’s one person John McCain should really be hating… its John McCain.

Bottom line: McCain’s afraid of what else there might be hidden in the Palin closet, and wants to keep a lid on any potential surprises. The only way to do that is to keep Palin away from the press.

Good luck with that.


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