Joe Biden: The Dean Martin Rules

Digby talks about Obama and Jackie Robinson, how she believes that Obama needs to use the Robinson rules, biting his tongue when baited into an argument about race, and always acting like a nice guy, not getting caught or baited into acting like the “angry black man”, that his opponents want him to be. He’s handled it very well in my opinion.

Now that Sarah Palin has been selected as McCain’s running mate, people are wondering how Biden should go about handling her in the debates. Should he attack, be aggressive, get into a shouting match, go toe to toe fisticuffs? Or because Palin’s a woman, does he need to watch what he says, be respectful all the time and watch his attitude and demeanor?

I say Biden should adopt the Dean Martin rules. Not Dean Martin the actual human being, who apparently was a misogynist, but Dean Martin the persona, the guy from the movies and the “Dean Martin Show”. The cool guy, the martini/cigarette guy. The relaxed guy that finds everything ridiculous. The guy that doesn’t get heated under pressure. During the debates, (if Palin shows up) Biden should go into Dean Martin host mode, ignore everything Palin says, and in fact, ignore everything the moderator asks, and simply say stuff like: Hey, it’s great to be here! How’s everybody doin?


2 Responses to Joe Biden: The Dean Martin Rules

  1. Hey pallie, loves your Dinosuggestion…no better way for Joe to get through the debates then bein’ likes our Dino…no disrespect dude, but likes wonderin’ where you gots the Dinonotion that our Dino was a misogynist….never was, never will be anyone as cool as the King of Cool…..oh, to return to the days when Dino walked the earth…btw loves the Joey Dinopix…

  2. Nitramnaed says:

    This is great…….BTW, Biden wishes he had that much hair!

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