Cindy McCain: Now THIS feels like a setup

When Bristol Palin’s pregnancy was getting a lot of attention, many bloggers on the left screamed: Stay away, it’ll only backfire! Some even believed the whole pregnancy thing was a Rovian set up. Whatever. I felt it exposed Sarah Palin as a hypocrite of the party of “family values” and exposed McCain as incompetent for picking a hypocrite and liar for a running mate. But what do I know?

Now a “whistleblower” has come out and shared his journal with reporters about how John McCain new more about his wife Cindy’s drug abuse than he let on.

In confessing to her drug abuse in orchestrated interviews with friendly journalists in 1994, Cindy McCain said she had kept her problem hidden from her husband and sought treatment at some point in 1992. Questions remain about the validity of those assurances, and Gosinski’s contemporary journal shares a story suggesting John McCain knew of his wife’s problem earlier than anyone has suggested.

First of all: Who gives a shit? Second: Is it just me, or will this simply look like Democrats, again, picking on “John McCain’s Women”. First Palin and now his wife. Don’t pick on the daughter. Don’t pick on the Hockey Mom. But Cindy is fair game? I don’t get it. I don’t blame the woman for abusing drugs… she’s married to John McCain for Christ’s sake.

I hope Dems don’t run with this one. It feels like a loser.


One Response to Cindy McCain: Now THIS feels like a setup

  1. patentleatherpussycat says:

    Have you seen THE VIEW?

    Those women (though not brain dead former reality show zero, E. Hasselbeck, the right-wing demon on the show’s shoulder) asked him some of the most difficult questions I’ve heard at any point in this odious spectacle.

    The clips are below. There are four, I think; stick around for the appearance by a narco-zombified Lady McCain, in all her Sportswear-by-St-John, Valium-bot, barbiturate-barbie, “high” camp :

    She REFUSES to give Barbara an exact house count!

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