Forgetting 9/11

Today I realized it was September 11, the infamous anniversary of that fateful day seven years ago. I didn’t realize it until I started reading the daily blogs. I actually forgot about September 11, 2001, the significance of that day.

Earlier in the week I saw that ABC had a two-hour program honoring the troops. Nothing wrong with that, but at the same time it seemed kind of odd. Why were they doing it now? It never occurred to me that it was almost September 11, and that was probably the reason why a memorial was going to be televised.

Why did I forget 9/11? How could I forget? I guess because life goes on. We still have the same problems and get obsessed with the same petty bullshit that we let infect our lives. What was I thinking about yesterday? That I had to get to the gym more because I’m overweight. That I really need a car, but I’m totally broke and my credit is bad. That I’m “totally” burned out on the election. And that I shouldn’t have eaten that huge bean and cheese burrito for lunch. How many calories was that anyway, like, a million or something?

These were the things I was thinking about. Not 9/11. Not the people that died that day. Not the people who have died since. Not the war. Not the soldiers. Not their families. I was only thinking about myself and my own bullshit.

The horrific truth is, 9/11 didn’t really change the lives of every American as a lot of analyst and commentators and political pundits said it would. 9/11 changed the lives of those in the planes and buildings and those who died trying to save them, and those who have died in the wars since. A lot of lives to be sure, but not every life. The rest of us wake up in the mornings, just like the mornings before 9/11, and we go to work, or school, and we kiss our loved ones goodbye, and we’ll see them when we get home.

It’s easy to forget and become self obsessed and cynical. BooMan Tribune has a post up that puts 9/11 in perspective and reminds me of what that day actually did change about America and why this election is so important, and why we need to change the direction of this country.


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