Forgetting 9/11

September 11, 2008

Today I realized it was September 11, the infamous anniversary of that fateful day seven years ago. I didn’t realize it until I started reading the daily blogs. I actually forgot about September 11, 2001, the significance of that day.

Earlier in the week I saw that ABC had a two-hour program honoring the troops. Nothing wrong with that, but at the same time it seemed kind of odd. Why were they doing it now? It never occurred to me that it was almost September 11, and that was probably the reason why a memorial was going to be televised.

Why did I forget 9/11? How could I forget? I guess because life goes on. We still have the same problems and get obsessed with the same petty bullshit that we let infect our lives. What was I thinking about yesterday? That I had to get to the gym more because I’m overweight. That I really need a car, but I’m totally broke and my credit is bad. That I’m “totally” burned out on the election. And that I shouldn’t have eaten that huge bean and cheese burrito for lunch. How many calories was that anyway, like, a million or something?

These were the things I was thinking about. Not 9/11. Not the people that died that day. Not the people who have died since. Not the war. Not the soldiers. Not their families. I was only thinking about myself and my own bullshit.

The horrific truth is, 9/11 didn’t really change the lives of every American as a lot of analyst and commentators and political pundits said it would. 9/11 changed the lives of those in the planes and buildings and those who died trying to save them, and those who have died in the wars since. A lot of lives to be sure, but not every life. The rest of us wake up in the mornings, just like the mornings before 9/11, and we go to work, or school, and we kiss our loved ones goodbye, and we’ll see them when we get home.

It’s easy to forget and become self obsessed and cynical. BooMan Tribune has a post up that puts 9/11 in perspective and reminds me of what that day actually did change about America and why this election is so important, and why we need to change the direction of this country.


John McCain: The Big Mean Media

September 3, 2008

McCain has lost the battle to try and woo Clinton voters to his side. Now the idea is to get the conservative base riled up in hopes that they will rally around McCain, by blaming the current scandal involving McCain’s VP pick on the Media.

ST. PAUL, Minn. — John McCain’s campaign on Wednesday angrily called for an end to questions about its review of Sarah Palin’s background, deriding a “faux media scandal designed to destroy the first female Republican nominee” for vice president

“This nonsense is over,” declared senior campaign adviser Steve Schmidt in a written statement.

The Palin pick has obviously become a problem, and it’s not simply because of Palin’s teenage daughter’s pregnancy. McCain belongs to the party of “family values”. McCain belongs to the party that advocates “abstinence only” programs. And now the VP’s teenage daughter has revealed that she’s pregnant. It makes the GOP look like hypocrites. If Palin can’t keep her own house in order, based on the values she and her party preaches and laws she and her party tries to enact, then how is she and her running mate supposed to keep the White House in order? It makes McCain look incompetent for picking her in the first place. In turn, it embarrasses the GOP.

Now McCain feels he has no choice but to start a fight with the Media over the coverage of Bristol’s pregnancy, hoping to fire up the base to rally around Palin and get out the vote

According to CNN, Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) pulled out of a scheduled interview with the network after a segment with Campbell Brown and a top McCain spokesman Monday night in which Brown asked for examples of a foreign-policy decision made by Republican vice president pick Sarah Palin.

McCain throwing hissy fits just plays into the narrative that he’s unstable and has an uncontrollable temper. McCain’s problem with Palin is that HE DOESN’T KNOW WHO SHE IS. Nobody, including the GOP base, knows who the hell Palin is. They’re only learning about her as the media does, and it’s not good. McCain is stuck between a rock and a hard place, because the narrative has been written. AND HE WROTE IT.

Sarah Palin is an embarrassment to the GOP and John McCain is incompetent.

Hillary Supporters Jumping On the Obama Wagon

September 3, 2008

Last week, Jeralyn, boss blogger at Talk Left, banned comments that smeared Gov. Palin and her family.

This site will not host personal attacks against Sarah Palin, rumors of a personal nature or a discussion of her personal life or that of her children. All such comments will be deleted and repeat offenders banned.

One of the other top bloggers at TL, Big Tent Democrat, was so “uncomfortable” about the posts on the election, he volunteered to take a vacation.

I am not comfortable with writing about this election right now. I am not comfortable with the behavior of some Democrats and Left blogs regarding Sarah Palin.

But now that Gov. Palin has invited her daughter’s baby’s daddy to the convention, Jeralyn has taken the gloves off.

Palin Family Ban is Lifted
By Jeralyn, Section Elections 2008

There’s no longer any reason to be silent. Palin gave up these kids’ privacy, possibly to benefit her vice presidential bid. Whatever the reason, now that she’s parading them on tv, she’s forfeited the right to ask for privacy. They are now fair game to discuss.

The wagons on the left and right are beginning to circle around their potential leaders. Yes, there are a few stragglers still wondering if they want to join in, but the majority are getting on board and loading up to fight.

Clinton backers move toward Obama

osted by Foon Rhee, deputy national political editor September 2, 2008 10:41 AM

A new Gallup poll out today says that the percentage of Clinton loyalists planning to vote for Obama in November jumped from 70 percent before last week’s convention to 81 percent after, and the percentage saying they are certain to back Obama increased from 47 percent to 65 percent.


Palin: A Withdrawal In The Future?

September 2, 2008


The controversy surrounding Palin’s daughter Bristol’s pregnancy is beginning to mess with the Maverick, as it should. After all, Palin was his pick. Shouldn’t he have known if something in Palin’s history or current situation could hurt his campaign? Shouldn’t he have to answer for his pick? It appears he didn’t know about Bristol’s pregnancy, although he’s claiming that he did. But then why is he sending a group of lawyers to Alaska?

Shortly after her announcement, McCain’s team dispatched a dozen operatives and lawyers to Alaska, fueling speculation that a comprehensive examination of Palin’s past was incomplete and being done only after she was placed on the ticket. Culvahouse denied that, saying his team of 25 scoured public and private records to produce a 40-page, single-spaced report on each top candidate.

Richard Gizbert believes Palin’s number is up.

Allow me to predict that, within the next week or so, Sarah Palin will withdraw from the Republican ticket.

Really? If Palin’s number is up, it’s not merely because of the current revelation alone, but because there’s some other crap that McCain doesn’t want to deal with.

Rise Of The Obots!!!

August 27, 2008

There are a lot of lefties who really can’t bring themselves to get on the Obama bandwagon. Bloggers at Talk Left, Corrente and Left Coaster have been pretty outspoken. And then there’s this guy, who seems like he’s on the verge of a major breakdown, like the kind that could turn a MoFo into a super villain, running around blasting people with lasers and whatnot. This guy really hates “Obots”. Trying to put a face to the rant, I could only think of one guy, Angus Scrimm from the “Phantasm” series.

Somebody get this guy a laser beam so he can start blasting Obots.

Thomas Friedman: Still a Jerk

August 21, 2008

Who does Friedman blame for the current situation in Georgia?

If the conflict in Georgia were an Olympic event, the gold medal for brutish stupidity would go to the Russian prime minister, Vladimir Putin. The silver medal goes to Georgia president Mikeheil Saakashvili, and the bronze medal to Clinton and Bush foreign policy teams.

Friedman blames Clinton and Bush, even though 9/11, the Iraq war, and now the Soviets invasion of Georgia have all happened on Bush’s watch. Nowhere does Friedman comment on the Iraq War and how weak the occupation has made America.

If only Clinton had done what Friedman and his colleagues had suggested after the fall of the Berlin wall.

I was among the group that argued against expanding NATO at that time.

…there was no big problem on the world stage that we could effectively address without Russia. – particularly Iran and Iraq.

No, said the Clinton foreign policy team, we’re going to cram NATO down the Russian’s throats…

Yep. The invasion of Iraq went great. And we didn’t need those Russian to help at all. The Coalition of the Willing was all we needed. NATO? Who needs em? Friedman can’t admit the Soviet aggression is a direct result of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Admitting that reality would mean that the invasion of Iraq was a bad idea to begin with. And Friedman supported the invasion. He was all for it.

Cokie Roberts & NPR: Jerks

August 12, 2008

Okay. When I first heard about Cokie Roberts’ assertions about Obama and Hawaii, I thought it was some off the cuff remark. But apparently there are some talking points being spread around, and Ms. Roberts AND NPR are more than willing to shovel it out.

NPR: Now Obama is spending the week on vacation in Hawaii. He’s taking a vacation he says because it’s good for his family, but is it a good point in the presidential campaign?

ROBERTS: It’s a little rough to be doing it at this point, although I think he’s feeling somewhat secure, um… but… Hawaii is also somewhat an odd place to be doing it. I know that he’s from Hawaii, he grew up there, his grandmother lives there. But he has made such a point about how he is from Kansas and… um… y’know… the boy from Kansas – Kenya… and… um… and makes him seem a little more exotic than perhaps he would want to come across as at this stage of the presidential campaign.

The really weird thing is not only Roberts’ statement, but the question that was asked by NPR. Why does NPR think that the Obama vacation to Hawaii could be damaging to Obama? And how is it that they ask Roberts a question that softly leads her into the same message she delivered on ABC? I get the feeling that somebody really wants Obama’s Hawaii vacation to become some kind of scandal, painting Obama as foreign and unpatriotic.

What NPR and Roberts are talking about is Obama’s color. The only reason Roberts thinks it’s a bad idea for him to go to Hawaii is because it makes him look “exotic”, code for foreign, code for “too black”. And as several blogs have pointed out, Obama has no defense against a racist dog whistle campaign. Some have even argued that it’s Obama’s fault he’s in this position, because he allegedly smeared Clinton using the “race card”. Because if Obama hadn’t used the race card against Hillary, then of course he would retain a moral high ground and would be able to hit back without McCain being able to flip it and accuse HIM of using the race card. Or so the logic goes. Whatever.

The Valerie Plame scandal showed how it really works in Washington when it comes to politicians getting their message out. They simply find a reporter that is willing to deliver their message to the public. In this case the reporter is Cokie Roberts and the message is: “Barack Obama is an unpatriotic foreigner that can’t be trusted”. But they not only found a friend in Roberts, they found a friend at NPR as well.

If Obama can’t call his opponents out now for using the “race card” how about simply calling them out for being jerks.