Obama: 7-11 Cups

September 28, 2008

This is getting wierd.


Obama Supporters Are ILLogical

September 4, 2008

BDT came back from his self-imposed sabbatical to make a post on Talk Left.

It seems clear today that the some of Left blogs and other Obama supporters have proven again to be Barack Obama’s worst enemies. The Obama campaign spent the last week trying to drive the conversation back to McCain as Bush’s Third Term. The Left blogs would have none of it, nor would the Media, especially the Obama News Network, NBC.

He promised not to make another post about the election… then he made another post, which wasn’t really a post but “an open thread”. He did however join in on the comments involving his post to explain why he posted when he said he wasn’t going to.

I write this post because I think it is a fairly original thought that I have not read elsewhere.

I do not expect to write any more posts this week.

He then made another post called “Thursday Open Thread 2”. Which isn’t a post but an “open thread”.

Regarding my earlier post on the Palin speech, some interesting focus group findings from Greenberg Quinlan:

Posts and comments both end up on the Internet and involve text and personal opinions, but “open threads” aren’t posts, so they don’t count. Anyway, the comments section got somewhat heated. Trying to put a face to BDT and the commenters, I could only think of a couple of retro TV icons.

What was weird was how BDT slammed Jeralyn, who hosts Talk Left. BDT is merely a guest blogger at her invitation. If he feels so badly about what he perceives as ugly behavior by left blogs and his host, then he should get his own blog.

It’s really easy BDT. You just sign up at Blogger or WordPress and awaaaaaay you go.

The Obama Man

August 25, 2008

Biden as VP?

August 22, 2008

What’s up with the Omega Man homage?

Hot Coffee

August 14, 2008

How do you want it? That could be the slogan of Bikini Coffee, a new coffee joint in Portland Oregon that features women serving coffee in bikinis.

The weird thing for Grumpy Guy is that he works very near this place. In fact he has to walk past it everyday. A nice Japanese family used to run the shop, they were there for years, occupying a very small space, about the size of a walk in closet. I’m not exaggerating. Construction of the adjacent building forced them out. Soon after that, a sign was put up over the space: “Coming Soon! Bikini Coffee!”. Now the joint is occupied by skinny blonde women in bikinis serving coffee. Think Hooters, except instead of boobs in the dangerous vicinity of deep fried oil, it’s boobs threatened by steamed milk.

There are a couple of protesters that have been standing outside the shop for the past couple of weeks holding signs like: “Flaunt it at the Club not the workplace!” Today one of the bikini girls was standing outside the shop, not necessarily confronting the protesters, but maybe trying to show they’re not intimidated. I’ve been telling people that I don’t think it’ll be open long. July and August have been hot here in Portland, good bikini weather. But come September and October, things are going to get more nipple. I mean nippy.

Sorry Phelps…

August 12, 2008

If you can’t rock the flavor savor, then you ain’t never gonna beat this MoFo.

I mean, really… what the hell is this?

Cokie Roberts Is An Idiot

August 11, 2008

Cokie Roberts had some advice for Obama.

Roberts: …going off this week I know his grandmother lives in Hawaii and I know Hawaii is a state, but it has the look of him going off to some sort of foreign, exotic place. He should be at Myrtle Beach and if he’s going to take a vacation at this time. I just think this is not the time to do that.

What are you saying Cokie, that Hawaii isn’t “American” enough? How’s this for “American”?

Oh! And how could we forget?

Yep, Obama couldn’t have picked a more Un-American place to take a vacation.