Obama: On The Plus Side

September 10, 2008

Not all blogs on the left are freaking out about recent polls.

Including Oliver WillisRadicalRuss at Pam’s and ReaperObot0 at MYDD.


Talk Left: Let’s Go After Palin

September 6, 2008

Jeralyn at Talk Left has a great post up. Bottom line: Don’t lay off Palin.

You don’t win elections with one hand tied behind your back. The Democrats need to come out swinging against Sarah Palin, the unqualified, radical right choice of John McCain to occupy the nation’s second most powerful leadership position. The fact that she’s under investigation for abuse of power alone should be enough to disqualify her. Tell her to come back after she’s been cleared and has shown she brings something other than tokenism to the job.

The Democratic strategists and pundits who think Obama should ignore Palin and stick to debating the issues are the best example of why the Democrats lost the last two elections.

The argument made by BDT and Jane Hamsher, in opposition to Jeralyn, is that attacking Palin turns her into a martyr and takes the attention off of McCain and damages Obama. I disagree. Palin has baggage. Baggage that has been festering and causing a stink. 

Just as Dems want to attach George Bush’s stink to McCain, Dems should attach Palin’s stink to McCain as well. After all, Palin was his pick. She’s a horrible choice for VP and potential president. Keep reminding voters how lame she is, rumors and all, and how lame it was of McCain to pick her. Expose McCain for how cynical and incompetent he is.

Don’t let up on Palin!

Leave Sarah Palin ALONE!

September 2, 2008

Apparently a few bloggers are concerned about criticizing Mrs. Palin.

Tuesday Morning Open Thread
By Big Tent Democrat, Section Blog Related
Posted on Tue Sep 02,

A personal note –I am not comfortable with writing about this election right now. I am not comfortable with the behavior of some Democrats and Left blogs regarding Sarah Palin.

I’m comfortable as hell when it comes to scrutinizing republicans. And Sarah Palin is a republican who decided to accept the republican nomination for VP knowing full well what that entailed. She knew it for herself and her family, and she took it anyway. Why certain bloggers are saying her personal life is off limits is beyond me.

Was it off limits when Bill got a blow job from Monica? That was his personal life. It had no relevance to his work as president. Or John Kerry’s war record. He served his country, his service can’t be questioned. Or Joe Wilson’s wife. She’s a CIA operative, her name can’t be used in public. Or John Edward’s love child. He’s not in the race anymore, what does that have to do with politics at this point?

Yes, there are certain things in politics that are personal, not in the public interest, and should be off limits and should not be scrutinized or criticized or used for shameless political pandering…

If you’re a republican.

After everything that the GOP pulled on the Clinton’s in the ‘90’s, after everything that Bush and his enablers have done in the past eight years, from lying this country into war, to outing a CIA agent endangering the country, to making soldiers perform two, three and four tours of duty in Iraq, to illegal spying on Americans, to legalizing torture, to illegal prisons, to politicizing the DOJ and on and on and on… and it’s still going on… after all the criminal activity of Bush and the GOP… certain bloggers are now concerned about being mean to Sarah Palin, a politician who in a heartbeat, if getting the chance, will do nothing but continue to enable the same Bush policies that have shamed and dragged this country into the gutter.

But don’t be mean to Sarah Palin. It makes certain bloggers uncomfortable.


Bloggers who are uncomfortable about criticizing Palin should read this blog. Like BTD, Soto was a Hillary supporter who was disappointed in her loss and disgusted with a lot of Obama supporters. But he hasn’t lost sight of the big picture, or what the real situation is with Mrs. Palin.

Can Obama Count on Clintonites?

August 19, 2008

A sense of revenge? I’m getting the impression that certain people who’s candidate lost a certain primary would find a kind satisfaction in seeing Obama lose the general election. They may not vote for McCain, but their disdain for Obama may keep them home, which would be good for McCain. I knew a lot of Clintonites suspected Obama of playing the “race card”, but I didn’t know a lot of them accused him of outright stealing the race. Will Clintonites who believe that Obama stole the primary from Hillary be able to vote for him? If I were a Clinton supporter who believed Obama stole the race, I wouldn’t be able to vote for the guy

And now with three months remaining until the general election the trends are working in McCain’s favor.

Electoral vote August 16: Obama 275 McCain 250 Ties 13
Electoral vote August 4: Obama 316 McCain 209 Ties 13
Electoral vote July 18: Obama 325 McCain 199 Ties 14
Electoral vote June 19: Obama 344 McCain 194

After Obama won the primary, his fist inclination wasn’t to reach out to Clintonites, but to independents who lean right. According to the trends, it isn’t paying off for him, and a lot of Clintonites are still pissed off, without any indication that they are automatically going to vote for Obama. And now Obama supporters are freaking out.

From AmericaBlog:

Joe and I know a lot of people in politics. A lot of them are very smart. They’re not the people you hate, the Cokie Roberts’ and the Mrs. Greenspan’s of the world. They’re the kind of people you like and you trust. And those people are now telling us that they fear we’re going to lose the election.

Clinton supporters are bitter as ever.

Earth to Leon, please STFU until you actually talk to some Clinton supporters. It is NOT out of a sense of entitlement that we continue to support her. It’s OUT OF A SENSE OF ROBBERY! You really sound stupid when you don’t know what you’re talking about.—Caro

I’m going to wait after the Democrat Convention before I start to panic. The convention may be a new starting point for everybody, Obamanites and Clintonites alike. An opportunity to refocus and remind democrats what this election is about. Keeping George Bush from winning a third term. If the trends still slip after the convention, it’s time to start freaking out.