Obama’s Lipstick Remark: With Friends Like These

September 11, 2008

Do I believe that Obama was making a remark about Sarah Palin with the whole “Lipstick” thing? No. I don’t. BUT. It makes me uncomfortable when dudes like Bill O’Reilly and Chris Matthews come to Obama’s rescue and cry foul when the “sexism card” is being played. I think they’re using the opportunity to lambast the whole idea of “sexism” as opposed to being offended by Obama being called a sexist. Does that make sense?

Both O’Reilly and Matthews have had to defend themselves against charges of sexism. Matthews had to apologize on the air over a remark about Hillary. O’Reilly settled out of court from charges of sexual harassment. The Falafel thing.

So now is the perfect opportunity for these two assholes, not to defend Obama, but to defend themselves, and in their own overblown megalomaniacal minds, mankind itself, against the “Femi-Nazi’s” that are conspiring to emancipate the last of the real men, which Matthews and O’Reilly feel they are the leaders of.

Obama doesn’t need defenders from the likes of Chris Matthews and Bill O’Reilly.


Panic In Year Obama II

September 8, 2008

More and more lefty’s are getting nervous about the election.

Adam McKay

I’m telling you, unless we wake up, we’re gonna lose this frickin’ thing.

Joseph Romm

After watching Obama and Biden on the Sunday morning shows, it is clear they have the wrong message, one that typically loses American elections. If this is their TV message, McCain and Palin will win the national debates and likely go on to victory.

Naomi Foner

We’re in Big Trouble

Politeness is not in order. We need to be scared.

McCain seems to have known just what he was doing. Now the question remains, do we?

Richard Schiff

As My Household Shows, We’re a Divided Natio

My beautiful and loving wife, despite seeing her own small business begin to show troubling signs of downturn after years of worry-free success, despite her passion on women’s issues, despite having a son and daughter who may be conscripted, may vote for the party responsible for the entire mess.

What we on the left are really afraid of is a fight. The GOP picked a fight with Dems by going with Sarah Palin. And now there are two schools of thought on how to approach the fight. Ignore Palin, or attack Palin.

We can’t even agree on why McCain is hiding Palin. Are we to believe that the GOP are so clever that the Palin pick is all going according to plan? That McCain already really knew about Palin’s baggage and is simply using it to bait Democrats? Are we to believe that he picked a running mate he knew nothing about because that’s his strategy? Are we to believe that McCain’s hiding Palin because that’s been his plan all along? Just a clever Rovian bait and hook. So the Dem strategy is: stay away from Palin. It’s all a set up!

Bottom line: We lefty’s are afraid. Afraid of McCain. Afraid of Palin. Afraid of the MSM. Afraid of Karl Rove. Afraid of Obama. Afraid of losing. Afraid of our own fucking shadows.

When you’re afraid, it’s really hard to put up a fight.

Left Strategy for Palin: Kid Gloves?

September 5, 2008

I don’t get it. Playing nice with Republicans never gets Democrats anywhere.

Affirmative Concern Trolling
By: Jane Hamsher

Ross Douthat offers “Free advice for Democrats”:

Behave as though Sarah Palin does not exist. Pray that the media will find some Palin-related scandal even more shocking than the perfervid theories aired this week…

…do not under any circumstances allow yourselves to be drawn any deeper into a debate — over the relative qualifications and accomplishments of Barack Obama and the Republican vice-presidential nominee.

…the Obama-Biden ticket has vastly more to gain from changing the subject away from Sarah Palin than they do from placing her candidacy, her qualifications and her background front and center in this race.

I realize we live in a People Magazine culture (or, as Digby notes, an American Idol culture) but turn this woman into a martyr and the Republicans own the news cycle.

Not letting the Republicans own the news cycle is smart politics, but what makes us believe that laying off Palin’s background, or the rumors, is going to ensure that they won’t own it anyway? They’ve owned it since 2000. It’s only recently the MSM has thrown a few bones to the left with the likes of Olberman and Maddow.

The rumors concerning Palin are exactly where they are supposed to be — not coming out of the mouths of Obama or Biden. Blogs that don’t want the tabloid gossip staining their sites are more than welcome to ban, edit, or delete comments.

But do not lay off Palin. If this “pitbull with lipstick” is fatally wounded, and suffering from scandal, then lets put this pitbull down. Expose Palin for what she is — a hypocritical republican. If that happens to entail behavior by her and her family, that exposes her hypocrisy, and the hypocrisy of the GOP, and the reckless incompetence of John McCain, in picking a VP he didn’t investigate properly, then so be it.

Nothing that’s happened this week has changed the fact that it’s going to be very, very hard for the Democrats to lose a race between Obama and McCain –

So stop attacking Palin.

This happens in sports all the time. A team gets a sizable lead, so big there’s no way they should lose. But then something happens. The other team begins to play hard and aggressive, and the team that’s winning begins to play passively, fearful that they’ll make too many mistakes. They stop being the aggressors, and in the process lose the big lead, and eventually the game, and all because they were afraid to lose.

Democrats are still afraid of the GOP, still afraid of the MSM, still afraid of Karl Rove, giving him and the GOP way too much credit, even after it’s been proven that Rove can’t do “the math”.

Palin is obviously a strong personality, public speaker and formidable politician. But there’s something wrong in camp McCain. Palin isn’t being shipped home to be trained about foreign policy, she’s being gagged, shackled, and put under house arrest. This isn’t a Rovian bate and hook. This is damage control, pure and simple, on a VP pick that has some serious baggage that can sink McCain.

Don’t let McCain off the hook by ignoring his judgment in picking a VP who he doesn’t know, and who isn’t qualified to be VP or President of the United States.

Does Sarah Palin Love America As Much As Michelle Obama?

September 4, 2008

Andrew Koppelman over at Balkinization makes a great point about Palin’s speech.

One of Sarah Palin’s most rapturously received lines in her speech to the Republican Convention last night was her declaration that her constituents “love their country in good times and bad, and they’re always proud of America.”

… obviously a riposte to Michelle Obama’s widely discussed statement last February…

.. Palin has suffered some pretty bad days over the revelation of her unmarried teenage daughter’s pregnancy, leading Obama to declare that: “I think people’s families are off-limits, and people’s children are especially off-limits. This shouldn’t be part of our politics.” Yet here Palin was, attacking Obama’s family. What are the ground rules here? It’s ok to attack your family but not mine?

Of course we know that she was referring to Michelle Obama, but we also know that she’s left herself plenty of wiggle room to deny it. What she can’t wiggle out from is her husband’s membership, and her support and endorsement, of the Alaska Independence Party, an organization that wants to secede from the Union.

McCain and Palin’s War On The Media: Why It Won’t Work

September 3, 2008

McCain is going to beg the American public to feel sorry for him and his running mate, because the “liberal media” is being mean and unfair. The GOP, over a number of years, with the help of talk radio, has been able to fuse the word “Liberal” and “media” into one giant stinking turd that has united conservatives and put a leash on journalist.

But the last eight years have been ruled by the GOP, and they got away with everything, with the help of the “liberal media”, including lying a country into war. The whole “liberal media” narrative has been played out. But McCain is going to dig into that well one more time, and is going to make a claim to the American people that the big bad media, once again, is trying to suppress the ideas and thoughts of real Americans like him and smear the All American girl Sarah Palin.

This is a desperate ploy by McCain. GOP voters feel gas prices, inflation, and the cost of war, just like liberals do. Do they really have the energy to try to fight McCain’s and Palin’s fight, when they know deep down they shouldn’t have to? Will there not be the tiniest bit of resentment towards Palin when she gives her speech tonight? After all, GOP voters wouldn’t have to be spending time defending and trying to rally around a VP candidate that was better known, and had more experience. McCain put GOP voters in the position of cheerleading a candidate they haven’t had a chance to get to know, one that seems less and less qualified the more they get to know her.

McCain, by picking a complete unknown, is now spending all his time and energy, trying to introduce and define his running mate to America, finding himself on the defensive, and improvising during a time when he should be in control of his message. Because he chose poorly and hastily, he and Palin and their party are being defined as incompetent, cynical and hypocritical.

The point of a National Convention is to bring constitutes together. But there is no presentation, there is no message, there is no smokescreen, there is no speech, that can change the fact that Palin is not qualified for the job, and that McCain’s pick is completely reckless.

John McCain: The Big Mean Media

September 3, 2008

McCain has lost the battle to try and woo Clinton voters to his side. Now the idea is to get the conservative base riled up in hopes that they will rally around McCain, by blaming the current scandal involving McCain’s VP pick on the Media.

ST. PAUL, Minn. — John McCain’s campaign on Wednesday angrily called for an end to questions about its review of Sarah Palin’s background, deriding a “faux media scandal designed to destroy the first female Republican nominee” for vice president

“This nonsense is over,” declared senior campaign adviser Steve Schmidt in a written statement.

The Palin pick has obviously become a problem, and it’s not simply because of Palin’s teenage daughter’s pregnancy. McCain belongs to the party of “family values”. McCain belongs to the party that advocates “abstinence only” programs. And now the VP’s teenage daughter has revealed that she’s pregnant. It makes the GOP look like hypocrites. If Palin can’t keep her own house in order, based on the values she and her party preaches and laws she and her party tries to enact, then how is she and her running mate supposed to keep the White House in order? It makes McCain look incompetent for picking her in the first place. In turn, it embarrasses the GOP.

Now McCain feels he has no choice but to start a fight with the Media over the coverage of Bristol’s pregnancy, hoping to fire up the base to rally around Palin and get out the vote

According to CNN, Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) pulled out of a scheduled interview with the network after a segment with Campbell Brown and a top McCain spokesman Monday night in which Brown asked for examples of a foreign-policy decision made by Republican vice president pick Sarah Palin.

McCain throwing hissy fits just plays into the narrative that he’s unstable and has an uncontrollable temper. McCain’s problem with Palin is that HE DOESN’T KNOW WHO SHE IS. Nobody, including the GOP base, knows who the hell Palin is. They’re only learning about her as the media does, and it’s not good. McCain is stuck between a rock and a hard place, because the narrative has been written. AND HE WROTE IT.

Sarah Palin is an embarrassment to the GOP and John McCain is incompetent.

Palin: The Hits Keep Coming!

September 2, 2008

And she’s into banning books too.