Kos takes credit for Palin fall

September 19, 2008

The argument among left bloggers, about how to approach the Palin pick, was pretty interesting. In particular over at Talk Left between Jeralyn and BDT. Focus on Palin? Don’t focus on Palin? Kos believes that focusing on Palin was the right tactic and is now taking credit for Palin’s falling approval ratings.

…we focused heavily on Palin, and make no mistake, it’s exactly that intense focus that has taken its toll on her numbers:

All of this is happening because we did not relent on Palin, blocking Republican efforts to paint her in a positive light. The results are speaking for themselves.

C’mon. What goes up, must come down. That’s the thing that has brought Palin crashing to earth. Nobody knew who she was when McCain picked her. Voters were able to project whatever they wanted onto her… at first. But now she’s become less than a mere symbol, she’s become flesh and blood and smelly breath and, hey, what’s that growth sticking out of your ear?

Ewwww. Yuck. On second thought.

But the Palin pick did expose a fractured coalition between Obama supporters and the continuing festering resentment among Hillary supporters. There is not complete harmony among democrats.


Joe Biden: The Dean Martin Rules

September 8, 2008

Digby talks about Obama and Jackie Robinson, how she believes that Obama needs to use the Robinson rules, biting his tongue when baited into an argument about race, and always acting like a nice guy, not getting caught or baited into acting like the “angry black man”, that his opponents want him to be. He’s handled it very well in my opinion.

Now that Sarah Palin has been selected as McCain’s running mate, people are wondering how Biden should go about handling her in the debates. Should he attack, be aggressive, get into a shouting match, go toe to toe fisticuffs? Or because Palin’s a woman, does he need to watch what he says, be respectful all the time and watch his attitude and demeanor?

I say Biden should adopt the Dean Martin rules. Not Dean Martin the actual human being, who apparently was a misogynist, but Dean Martin the persona, the guy from the movies and the “Dean Martin Show”. The cool guy, the martini/cigarette guy. The relaxed guy that finds everything ridiculous. The guy that doesn’t get heated under pressure. During the debates, (if Palin shows up) Biden should go into Dean Martin host mode, ignore everything Palin says, and in fact, ignore everything the moderator asks, and simply say stuff like: Hey, it’s great to be here! How’s everybody doin?

Talk Left: Let’s Go After Palin

September 6, 2008

Jeralyn at Talk Left has a great post up. Bottom line: Don’t lay off Palin.

You don’t win elections with one hand tied behind your back. The Democrats need to come out swinging against Sarah Palin, the unqualified, radical right choice of John McCain to occupy the nation’s second most powerful leadership position. The fact that she’s under investigation for abuse of power alone should be enough to disqualify her. Tell her to come back after she’s been cleared and has shown she brings something other than tokenism to the job.

The Democratic strategists and pundits who think Obama should ignore Palin and stick to debating the issues are the best example of why the Democrats lost the last two elections.

The argument made by BDT and Jane Hamsher, in opposition to Jeralyn, is that attacking Palin turns her into a martyr and takes the attention off of McCain and damages Obama. I disagree. Palin has baggage. Baggage that has been festering and causing a stink. 

Just as Dems want to attach George Bush’s stink to McCain, Dems should attach Palin’s stink to McCain as well. After all, Palin was his pick. She’s a horrible choice for VP and potential president. Keep reminding voters how lame she is, rumors and all, and how lame it was of McCain to pick her. Expose McCain for how cynical and incompetent he is.

Don’t let up on Palin!

Palin’s War On Books

September 5, 2008

I wasn’t sure if this was going to get anymore play, but it’s revealing for the ugly kind of mentality Palin actually has.

It’s out now that Sarah Palin, while mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, tried to fire City Librarian Dorothy Emmons for not agreeing to remove “objectionable books” from the Wasilla Public Library. Dorothy Emmons, to her credit, and the credit of librarians everywhere, refused. Something about….which amendment was that?….oh, that’s right….the FIRST ONE.

This kind of stuff scares the shit out of me. A huge faction of the population are actually into banning books from public libraries, and politicians like Sarah Palin are leading the way.

Let it be known what kind of mind Sarah Palin has, and the kind of politician John McCain is for picking her as his soul running mate.

Palin Put Under GOP House Arrest

September 5, 2008

So now McCain wants to keep Palin under wraps? Why? Her speech at the RNC was a rousing barnburner. Let her loose. Take the leash off this “Pittbull with lipstick”! No? They don’t want to do that for some reason. I wonder why?

Posted by Jay Carney

According to Nicole Wallace of the McCain campaign, the American people don’t care whether Sarah Palin can answer specific questions about foreign and domestic policy. According to Wallace — in an appearance I did with her this morning on Joe Scarborough’s show — the American people will learn all they need to know (and all they deserve to know) from Palin’s scripted speeches and choreographed appearances on the campaign trail and in campaign ads.

There is no reason for them to do this, unless they have something to hide. The whole idea that Dems and MSM are being set up to attack Palin, only so they can look like fools doesn’t play in this situation.

It’s beginning to look more and more like John McCain got played by Sarah Palin and the religious right. There’s no way McCain new about Palin’s teenage daughter’s pregnancy. Why is seventeen year old Bristol’s pregnancy important? Because the GOP is the party of “family values” that’s why. It makes them look like hypocrites and incompetents who can’t keep their own houses in order. How pissed is John McCain right now? If there’s one person John McCain should really be hating… its John McCain.

Bottom line: McCain’s afraid of what else there might be hidden in the Palin closet, and wants to keep a lid on any potential surprises. The only way to do that is to keep Palin away from the press.

Good luck with that.

Leave Sarah Palin ALONE!

September 2, 2008

Apparently a few bloggers are concerned about criticizing Mrs. Palin.

Tuesday Morning Open Thread
By Big Tent Democrat, Section Blog Related
Posted on Tue Sep 02,

A personal note –I am not comfortable with writing about this election right now. I am not comfortable with the behavior of some Democrats and Left blogs regarding Sarah Palin.

I’m comfortable as hell when it comes to scrutinizing republicans. And Sarah Palin is a republican who decided to accept the republican nomination for VP knowing full well what that entailed. She knew it for herself and her family, and she took it anyway. Why certain bloggers are saying her personal life is off limits is beyond me.

Was it off limits when Bill got a blow job from Monica? That was his personal life. It had no relevance to his work as president. Or John Kerry’s war record. He served his country, his service can’t be questioned. Or Joe Wilson’s wife. She’s a CIA operative, her name can’t be used in public. Or John Edward’s love child. He’s not in the race anymore, what does that have to do with politics at this point?

Yes, there are certain things in politics that are personal, not in the public interest, and should be off limits and should not be scrutinized or criticized or used for shameless political pandering…

If you’re a republican.

After everything that the GOP pulled on the Clinton’s in the ‘90’s, after everything that Bush and his enablers have done in the past eight years, from lying this country into war, to outing a CIA agent endangering the country, to making soldiers perform two, three and four tours of duty in Iraq, to illegal spying on Americans, to legalizing torture, to illegal prisons, to politicizing the DOJ and on and on and on… and it’s still going on… after all the criminal activity of Bush and the GOP… certain bloggers are now concerned about being mean to Sarah Palin, a politician who in a heartbeat, if getting the chance, will do nothing but continue to enable the same Bush policies that have shamed and dragged this country into the gutter.

But don’t be mean to Sarah Palin. It makes certain bloggers uncomfortable.


Bloggers who are uncomfortable about criticizing Palin should read this blog. Like BTD, Soto was a Hillary supporter who was disappointed in her loss and disgusted with a lot of Obama supporters. But he hasn’t lost sight of the big picture, or what the real situation is with Mrs. Palin.

Sarah Palin: It’s a Hypocrisy Thing

September 1, 2008


Most parents don’t want their 17 year old daughters to get pregnant. In order to help quell teenage pregnancy, the GOP has pushed “abstinence only programs”.

You see, sex education, to these people, is a bad thing. It only encourages teenagers to have sex and get pregnant, where either they’ll go to hell by having an abortion, or have a child out of wedlock. However, it appears the “abstinence only” programs pushed by Bush and the religious right haven’t worked out so well. There’re famous people like Britney Speares sister (Bush supporters) who got pregnant at sixteen years old. And now Bristol Palin, the seventeen year old daughter of GOP vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, has admitted that she’s pregnant.

Sarah Palin’s 17-year-old , unmarried daughter is five months pregnant, the campaign has announced. Hoping to quell internet rumors about about her youngest son, Palin released the news about her daughter Bristol earlier today

Obviously the “abstinence only” programs haven’t worked for the Palin family. But maybe they don’t believe in them. If not, they should think about joining a different church, and a different political party. Because right now, they’re coming off like typical GOP moral authority hypocrites.

Googling Palin and “abstinence only” I came across this ugly rumor.

Along with all the stories making their way through the news cycle is one regarding Trig Palin, her youngest child. Apparently, there has been suspicion, some reported through Alaskan media outlets even before the Vice Presidential buzz, that the child actually belongs to her daughter, Bristol Palin.

The story seems ludicrious, and surely the GOP workers that vetted her would have stopped McCain from choosing her if anything like this were true. Only, now it has come out that Governor Sarah Palin was not vetted properly. The McCain camp states that they didn’t feel it was necessary.

But DDay notes that Palin was vetted… by the Council for National Policy.

Yes, Sarah Palin Was Vetted

by dday

It certainly doesn’t seem like it, given the stories that have emerged within the past 48-72 hours. Put she most certainly was vetted, only not be the McCain campaign. She was vetted by the only group that matters – the super-secretive Council for National Policy.

If the rumor is true that Palin is the grandmother of Trig and not his mother, then it got passed McCain because it wasn’t McCain’s camp that vetted Palin, but the religious right. With Hillary now saying that she is going to campaign more vigeroulsy for Obama, look for this rumor to get more play. The Clintons know how to play hardball, and if this is sitting in their laps, they’re not going to let it slip between the lines.

Admitting that your seventeen year old daughter is pregnant is one thing, covering for an earlier pregnancy of her daughters is a whole other ballgame.

The deal isn’t to slam a 44 year old mother and her daughter for having a child at seventeen or having a child out of wedlock, the idea is to call Palin and the GOP out on their hypocritical bullshit.